Police Stations Should be Nested with Public

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July 1st, 2013: A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: Police stations shouldn’t be a place filled with people as cool as  cucumbers, a place that people are scared  of or dread to go but it should be more like a restaurant or a hotel. There should be a place to stay for the needy like it was in the time of Ottomans.  It should be like an Islamic-Ottoman social complex. Children should play there, they should have a play ground, there should be a children’s garden near the police station. There should be a cheerful, peaceful environment. When we talk about a police station, we don’t mean a place that people are scared  of, dread to go, look at in dismay or look at with bated breath from afar. They should be nested with the public and communicate with them.

July 29th, 2013: A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: We have got to build merciful, endearing police stations. We have got to change the spirit of the police stations. A police station has to change like a tourist facility. A police station should have a restaurant, a bazaar and a library. Its main purpose has to be to protect honest, good people. Arbors should be built; police stations should have gardens so that both the police officers and everyone else can be at ease. The only purpose should be to defuse evil people and to protect the public. They should be nested with the public and be at the public’s disposal. Every police station should have a doctor, an infirmary. It should have a small clinic and a pharmacy; this must be an insight of a police station. But of course, it should be a fortified police station, that’s different. 80 % of the police stations  should be on an open place and the 20 % of them should be  directed towards defense.

A merciful police station, a merciful police officer; there has to be  a structure like that. The police station should be like a coffeehouse. It should be the coffeehouse of the region. Our Kurdish brothers like coffeehouses. They could sit there crossed-leg, play chess, play checkers, read a book, and have fun  there. It should be an open place; the police officers and gendarmes of that place should be nested with pubic. Everyone should know each other and in  case of a crime or a suspect, they have to give the most benefit of the doubt. It has to be said like, “No, he won’t do that”. It shouldn’t be said like, “No, he did it” but rather it should be said that, “No, he won’t do that”. Evidence has to be searched for to save him. If there isn’t any way to handle the situation, than the case has be covered with the minimum possible hardship. Our Kurdish brothers are very cordial if you approach them kindly.


July 28th, 2013: Akşam

Diyarbakir Police Department stated that they will arrange a public meal in Dagkapi Square accompanied by five thousand Kurdish citizens. 

2013-11-01 01:08:24

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