Prof.Dr.Ali Kose: There is a Problem With Women Around The Islamic World

What He Said?What Happened?

In most of the societies, women are not attached the necessary importance, violence against women who are trying to be something more than  second-class citizens, is increasing day by day. Giving the necessary importance to women, and their having a respectable position in their societies, is undoubtedly one of the topics that Adnan Oktar gives wide publicity to.

In recent days, a lot of people from different regions drew attention to a wrong point of view about women by making statements about this topic, one that Mr.Adnan Oktar has kept constantly on the agenda and  expressed that this issue should be resolved.

June 11th 2011: A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: It forbids joy, it forbids laughing. They have created  laws that  young girls do not have a  right of normal living, they take a hard line with them. Women are being shown as second-class citizens, being dehumanized, viewed with suspicion and distrust. In fact, there is also the same mindset in the extreme sects of  Christians and  Jews.

People need to see the manifestation of Allah in women. If the ordinary value is given, the women are heavenly  creatures, they are great assets. The world's most beautiful ornament is  women.


September 7th, 2010: Gaziantep Olay TV and Cay TV

ADNAN OKTAR: Some people think that bigotry and oppression will make  women happy. For example, they do not trust women, they say "women must be at home". The thought of seeing  women as distrustful and potentially dangerous lies behind this strange mindset. Killing their daughters as soon as they are born is a characteristic of the  polytheists and hypocrites. There is a great hatred of women in the hypocrites. There is a mindset of   everything being pro-men. However, Almighty Allah has used a style of  advocating for women all the time. It is always in favor of women. The verses in the Qur'an are always on the protection of women. So in the Qur’an all the responsibility is on men but in the bigots system, everything  is intended to protect  men; also it is intended to oppress  women. After that, insha'Allah, we do not allow such a thing ...

February 4th, 2010: Aksu TV and Çay TV

ADNAN OKTAR: Well done to those strapping brave man Masha'Allah. He has said something very nice, well done. Turkish-Islamic Union means far more freedom. It is far more intelligent. It is technology, science, art, aesthetics, love and beauty. It is the freedom and joy of all the young people. It is the freedom of, the joy of young girls. Young girls will gather together to sing, they will have fun. Young men will have fun, insha'Allah. A woman will be able to go to Damascus alone. She will be able to go on pilgrimage alone.


29 September 2013, Hürriyet

In an interview, Prof.Dr.Ali Kose, the  Dean of the Faculty of the University of  Marmara said that there is a 'woman problem'  throughout the Islamic World, one where women can not even feel  safe while they are going on pilgrimage.

2013-11-08 21:52:45

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