Through What kind of Change Can the Muslim Brotherhood Succeed?

What He Said?What Happened?

A9 TV: July 2nd, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: Morsi must put emphasis on the freedom of women. For instance, they should bring ladies with headscarves next to ladies with revealing clothes and form a joyful environment. They should also have the young people there and give good messages to the public. If women are free in a society, no one can ever say anything against it. If women are under pressure, then everyone would be disturbed by this. A system that oppresses women definitely collapses. A system that liberates women functions very comfortably.

Morsi must speak of love a lot. He must talk about modernity. He must constantly mention democracy, but especially the freedom of women; this must be stressed well. People should hear this and they should show this properly. In Egypt people must hear this and show this properly. There are very brave girls in Egypt. Morsi must have his photographs taken with the most modern ones.

 A9 TV: July 6th, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: The Muslim Brotherhood must deal a  blow against fanatics. They must also get rid of being against Jews. The existence of devout Jews in Israel is a great blessing, it is a great beauty. On the other hand, there is almost no  devout people left in Israel. If we do not support a handful of devout people, if we do not support Israel, this would be a great error, a great mistake. They should support Israel and especially the devout people. They should support the devout Christians  . Especially we, those believe in God, must watch over one another. The Muslim Brotherhood have to watch over them. They also did this before, but they have to give more emphasis to it.

A9 TV: July 4th 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: Respect is not paid to Christians. A dreadful environment comes into existence. No one would like such an understanding of Islam. No part of the world would like it. They should in no way give in to a repressive understanding of religion. There is no oppression in religion. That is what God said explicitly. If they take these measure, the religion will under all circumstances come to reign. But God has shown them that this would not happen in the absence of Hazrat Mahdi (as).

There are so many young people in the Muslim Brotherhood who favor modernity. They should let the modern young people be free; a robust, beautiful understanding of Islam which is in compliance with the Qur'an must reign in Egypt.

Modern young people must come together; first they must make an ideological struggle against Darwinism, materialism and the essential anti-Christ view. Then they must make it clear that they will live by a moderate Islam in compliance with the Qur'an. Then the army will also support them. So will the Salafis and Christians. Embrace Christians, as they are entrusted to you by God.   



31 October 2013, Haber 3

The biggest think tank in the USA released a report detailing  what kind of a transformation the Muslims Brotherhood can do to  succeed:


1-    To take lessons from the experiences of Turkey and the understanding of Islam.

2-    Not to externalize the elite . 

3-     Distance themselves from  fanatical groups.

4-    To give prominence to women and the young.

5-    To educate people on real Islam.

6-    Not to question the faith of ladies with headscarves and without headscarves. 

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