Bülent Arınç: It is immoral to Categorize Women according to their Attire

What He Said?What Happened?

In his programs, Mr. Adnan  Oktar always stresses  women’s freedom. He reminds viewers that women with headscarves and without headscarves or revealing clothes are equal and they are all Muslims.

Indeed recently people from different parts of society are making similar statements and discussing this issue which is constantly stressed by Mr. Oktar. 

A9 TV: June 21st, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: Our people are nice, Turkey is also very beautiful but the system must be secular. Meticulous attention must be paid to this. People may have all kinds of beliefs. You will devastate everything if you interpret the religion according to your mindset and impose it on others. That would be fatally mistaken .

Everyone can live as he wishes.  Religion flourishes in such a system easily. Pressure deranges people. For instance, I look at the ladies. Those ladies standing alone are  generally the ones without headscarves;  ladies with headscarves are very rare. They avoid thinking about “What if they are forced to cover their heads?” Let’s assume that one covers her head out of fear; think of the hatred that will come into existence. How disturbing it would be! She would harbor fury  every moment she wears it. What is the point of this? A tremendous freedom must be provided.

A9 TV: May 7th, 2012

ADNAN OKTAR: A lady with  low-neck attire is also one hundred percent Muslim. So is a lady wearing a burqa. We need to reach out to every one of them. We need to talk to all of them. We need to respect and appreciate them all. Ladies with revealing clothes and burqas  must be side by side. We will respect them all and we must show this in practice.

A9 TV: September 23rd, 2012

ADNAN OKTAR: Whether with a headscarf or without a headscarf, once they love their nation and country, they are all the same. The ladies with headscarves are the jewels in  our crown and so are the ladies without headscarves. It is better to dwell on having faith. 



31 October 2013, Haber Türk

In the General Assembly, Bülent Arınç said, “We won’t question women.” He also added that it is immoral to categorize women as either ones with headscarves or without headscarves. 

2013-11-14 22:53:43

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