Syrian Refugees Who Are Out In The Cold Are Placed In Red Crescent Tents.

What He Said?What Happened?

In his program Mr. Adnan Oktar, has recently requested from our governor to deal with our brothers from Syria who are living on the streets. Indeed, Mr. Governor Mutlu stated that they placed some  Syrian refugees into  a  Red Crescent camp.


November 6th, 2013: A9 TV

On a tweet; “I’m living in Sirinevler. There are Syrian refugees staying in a park in front of my house. We gave them pillows and blankets but we request from our Master to call our President.

ADNAN OKTAR: Are they staying out in this weather? The weather is freezing. God forbid they may get sick. Let the Crescent give them tents. There are vast areas on  suitable land. It’s a pity, this can not continue like this. These children are in a very difficult situation. Let the municipality give them reasonable, good and well-made tents. People will also help them, they will give food and drink, that won’t be a problem. Hearing these make a person so uncomfortable. If each of the stores give five shoes to those children. There are maybe five hundred  shoe stores in one locality. What will happen? Socks, shoes, sweaters. Let our brothers do this for the sake of Allah. This situation is very scary. Let our Master Tayyip do something. He is very rigorous on these issues. The Red Crescent has  hundreds of thousands of tents there, standing in stores. Let the tents be arranged one by one. That's it. Shoes or stuff like that shall be collected from merchants. Let's encourage a philanthropist, let him go and collect them, insha'Allah.


December 3rd, 2013: Time Turk

Huseyin Avni Mutlu, governor of Istanbul, called on Istanbul residents  to report to them via Twitter Syrian refugees who are living outdoors due to the cold weather conditions. Governor Mutlu indicated that they are in contact with these families and that they have placed some of the families at the Pendik Red Crescent camp area. He stated that some families didn’t wish  to go to the camp area’s that have been prepared by Red Crescent. But he said that they will follow those families constantly. 

2013-12-10 22:49:26

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