Mustafa Ocan- The Portents of the Last Days that are realized

What He Said?What Happened?

He commanded “When you see the flags out by Khorasan, join to those flags  by crawling through  the snow , because inside them there is the caliph of Allah’s Prophet; the Hz.Mahdi is there .” (El-kavlu’l muhatasar fi alamet-il mehdiyy-il muntazar, Hadith number 35)
Adnan Oktar: With whom  did he come from Khorasan? Who came to Anotolia? Ogus Turks arrived, the Turks came. Our Prophet (saas) says that the place of his people in his time. His loins are even there, in Khorasan. They haven’t come to Anotolia yet. So he says Khorasan. In  this way he has said they would come from Khorasan to Turkey. So he says that they are Khorasanian. As they say, where are you from; don’t they ask everybody where they are from? The Turks are Khorasanian in origin. He says “He will come from inside of the Turks.” He says, “Even by crawling on top of snow”, There is no snow in Mecca and Medina. It never snows in Medina. He says, “...come by crawling”,  the snow will settle. The snow settles in Turkey. He says the place where he will come from, even by crawling on top of snow. Our Prophet (saas) says this particularly, in other words, he says this especially so that they won’t distort it as Mecca or Medina. He doesn’t say rain, he says snow so that they can not appeal as there can not be snow in Mecca and Medina. Where can there be snow; it can be well in Istanbul, insha'Allah.
March 18th, 2011: A9 TV
Adnan Oktar: These great events will continue in succession in the coming days, they will continue in the coming months. The people will have understood inevitably that there is something extraordinary in the World, Allah has demanded something. They are pretending not to understand now but it will come to a point that they will say that Allah wants something, He demands something. The people will find out by themselves what Allah demands, what He wants. This is the real root cause of the Mahdi. Mahdi doesn’t say “Come and follow me”, the people are finding the Mahdi but they find him after they understand that there is something extraordinary. They will say that there is something. Insha'Allah. Volcanic eruptions, nuclear explosions , tsunamis, earthquakes, Allah is doing whatever it takes to make you think.
June 12th, 2011: A9 TV
Adnan Oktar: The people will understand that the Last Day is soon by the great events after 2012.  There will be very great disasters, there will be very great events. There will be very big events. And they will happen too fast so everybody will see that there is something wondrous. 


13 Aralık 2013, Milli Gazete

Mustafa Ozcan said in his article “Surely we are living the apocalyptic signs foretold. Intensifying of these portents reveal that we live in the end of times” and he said that the changing of the climates, the snow in some places in Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Baghdad being rarely  seen events, these are signs of doomsday.  He also referred to Hz.Mahdi (pbuh) at length in his article. He said “According to the hadith of obeyance to Hz.Mahdi, even by crawling on top of the snow, it can been assumed that Mahdi will appear in snowy areas. 

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