“No to Three Terms” Petition

What He Said?What Happened?

Mr. Adnan Oktar has advised that the “three-terms restriction” designed by PM Erdogan be abolished. After Mr. Adnan Oktar said that it would not be wise to have such a restriction in such a troublous time, Serdar Arseven, Consulting Chief Editor of Yeni Akit newspaper, also noted that such a practice would not be rational and launched a campaign through Twitter.

A9 TV: May 29th, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: But he should take care of that “three-terms” issue as soon as possible. Tayyip hodja must make a statement about this. What does “three terms” mean? A person becomes a professor and he is a professor till he is 80 years old, right? As long as he has the strength and health to do it, what’s wrong with that? He is an experienced Prime Minister and an experienced politician. His experience will increase and his knowledge will grow; you are an experienced, cultivated person and a successful administrator and you are loved throughout the world. He is respected and supported by the people. Otherwise, we would have a new adventure.

Tayyip hodja must remove this “three terms” system. This three-terms restriction: Let’s hear that first because people are a little tense. He should leave that. The others could go but he must stay. It’s difficult to raise a person like this. His enthusiasm is also very nice.

December 23rd, 2013: A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: Tayyip Hodja has good intentions. It would be wrong to make him seem like a person with bad intentions. This would be sin on their part. When one looks openly and rationally, there is nothing that would cause any disadvantage for the people. This is for the benefit of the people. There is nothing strange about this.

But at such a time, I think, it would be better for him to attend the elections not  for President but  for Prime Minister. If he calls for becoming the President in such a troublous environment, I think, it would cause even more complications. He should continue as the Prime Minister. He should remove this three terms practice. The people must be able to elect him not only for three times but as many times as they wish. There should not be any limitations.


January 5th, 2014: Haber Evet

Serdar Arseven, Consulting Chief Editor of Yeni Akit newspaper, has made a statement that the AK Party’s three-term restriction would not be reasonable considering the current situation. He launched a petition through Twitter to abolish this restriction.

2014-01-13 00:54:02

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