Mr. Adnan Oktar said that the most suitable institution to aid Yarmouk might be IHH

What He Said?What Happened?

Mr. Adnan Oktar had said that the most suitable institution to aid Yarmouk could  be the  IHH Humanitarian Relief Institution and that they performed bold services before in such cases.

Likewise, the IHH Humanitarian Relief Institution Press Coordinator stated on Twitter that they are exploring all possible means to aid the Yarmouk Refugee Camp.

January 19th 2014: A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR:  The hashtag has become a trending topic in one night? MashaAllah; #UrgentAidtoYarmouk. They are our brothers; they are picking grass on the ground, boiling it and feeding it to their kids. Imagine how long this can last. There is terrible brutality out there. And some hodjas say ‘Everything is all right’; ‘Nothing is wrong in the world, everything is fine’. Which world are they talking about? Where do these hodjas live?

In my opinion, our brothers who would like to help Yarmouk should proceed with the IHH because they are very brave, clever and capable. They can find a way and deliver aid. Look at MIT for example, well done for them, may Allah bless them, they all crowded into a truck. They are quiet heroes, well done for my lions. Obviously, they are doing something very dangerous in the truck. Who knows what troublesome roads they take, what dangerous places they pass by? Surely they meet Al-Qaeda people, ‘Salam Alaikom’ they say and move on, and they see Shia people, for instance; ‘Salam Aleykum brothers’ they say. What are they supposed to do? Are they supposed to enter into an armed fight with another? No, they get along with them inevitably. They say ‘We are carrying aid’, ‘Please let us move on’ they say.

People are dying on the other side, children are dying, and women are dying. What can we do? How can we do it? If someone is dying of hunger, you give him bread. Can you say just let him die? It would be murder. If he is dying of hunger, you will deliver aid to him; you will give him bread, you will give him food.



January 18th , 2014: Son Yorum Haber

The IHH Humanitarian Relief Institution Press Coordinator made a statement on his Twitter account about the help they deliver to the Yarmouk Refugee Camp:

“We provided help for the Yarmouk Refugee Camp but at the moment entry to the camp is not allowed. It makes it difficult for us being compared to Al Qaeda in Turkey. We are pushing every possible means for the Yarmouk Refugee Camp.”

January 19th  ,2014: IHH

2014-01-28 00:45:11

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