Mehmet Gormez: In Order to Prevent A New Form of Karbala, Common Language Have to be Developed

What He Said?What Happened?

February 16th, 2009: Ekin TV, 

Adnan Oktar: We stopped those who wanted to cause  conflict and corruption among Alawis and Sunnis. We clapped their tongues and they are now silent; they cannot speak from now on. Alawis and Sunnis are brothers; Kurds and Turks are brothers. THERE IS NO DISCRIMINATION BETWEEN RACE OR SECTS AMONG US. WE WILL COMPLETE THE BUILDING  OF THE TURKISH -ISLAMIC UNION TOGETHER LIKE A WELL-BUILT WALL, INSHA’ALLAH. This is faith. No one can stop this.

September 30th 2008: Adana CRT TV

Adnan Oktar: For Muslims, Allah says; “...they are like well-built walls”. So we will be together like we are soldered metal. Right wingers, left wingers, Alawites,  Kurds, Laz, Circassian, Sunni; it doesn’t matter, we are all brothers, we are all slaves of Allah. Allah leads  all of us one way, we will respect  the thoughts of the others. But unity and solidarity is essential.

The ones who love Allah, and who are in His Way, of course they are making an effort for this country to be better and more beautiful, and they will.  Turkey will continue and the Turkish Islamic Union will be successful, insha'Allah.

September 21st, 2008: Irak An Anbar TV

Adnan Oktar: These will make us  tight-knit. We are moving towards a joyful, beautiful wedding that will strengthen our bonds of brotherhood,  insha’Allah. These are signs that the Mahdi’s appearance is a matter of time. The return of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is also only a matter of time. It will be a beautiful collaboration. My Sunni and Shi'a brothers should strengthen their brotherhood and form a very beautiful bond. Jaffaris are very devoted people. Sunnis are very devoted. Alawis are very devoted. Arabs are our dear brothers and sisters: They are all of the lineage of the Prophet (saas). The Kurds are our brothers.


November 2nd, 2013: Time Turk

President of Religious Affairs Mr. Gormez said; " In order to prevent a new  Karbala, I believe that without differentiating between sects, all Muslims in the world have to develop a common language, culture and thought."

2014-01-28 23:30:07

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