Prof. Dr. Osman Can: It Is Not Right to Accuse Israel

What He Said?What Happened?

 January 1st, 2014: A9 TV

Gendarmerie teams, evaluating a tip-off  to the Hatay Provincial Gendarmerie Command, stopped an aid truck allegedly belonging to the Humanitarian Aid Foundation (HAF).  It was suggested that the stopped truck contained military equipment. However, the report was disproved when the truck  was searched.

ADNAN OKTAR: This is a ruse. Someone set it up. The timing is very odd. They planned it in fine detail. The nation needs to back the government up. Why should the government do such a thing? Something is wrong. Why should the HAF do such a thing? They are very street-wise and intelligent people. Would they send it in from Hatay in full public view? From what I can tell, they are thinking of stirring things up, having Tayyip Hodja tried in an international court or the like. Let them try. Nothing will come of it.

 September 27th, 2013: A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: Tayyip Hodja needs to engage in moderate politics. I have said this over and over again. A politics that embraces everyone. Balanced politics is not easy but in my view it can be done. For instance, he could use affectionate language toward Israel. He could use an affectionate and loving language toward the Jews. He could give the idea that, “I am against this and that, but I still love you very much.” He can say, “I feel great affection for you.”

It does not of course look easy for Tayyip Hodja to act with ease and develop a new strategy when he is under such powerful attack. They can do it, but slowly, gradually, getting people used to it and preparing a proper foundation by monitoring reactions. He must trust in the sincere spirit of the people of Anatolia. In my view, he should change his attitude to Israel and the Jews. It would be great if he said; “I love you, I want to protect you. Turkey is your friend.”

October 23rd, 2013: A9 TV

Adnan Oktar: There are just a handful of people in Israel. Everyone tries to strike at them. Everyone tries to bully them, as they are so few in number. Like our Ottoman forebears, we must adopt a compassionate and affectionate line that watches over the Jews under all circumstances. I regard that as being Tayyip Hodja’s normal line, but I think it would also be good to strengthen it.

We must support the innocent. We can respond with the law when they act wrongly but it is wrong to regard them as all potential wrongdoers, oppressors of millions of people and women and children.

There are a great many enemies of Israel, and a great many enemies of the Jews. They compete in ruthlessness and hatred: Tayyip Hodja must not do these people any favors. He must emphasize his protective and affectionate attitude more strongly. He must make a more powerful stand, like the previous powerful stands he has made. We are waiting for him to make a more passionate expression of love, affection and compassion for our Jewish brothers. That is what would best become him. That would be good.

A people may not be entirely perfect. The history of the people may not be perfect. Things may have gone wrong in history. Things may have gone wrong in people in the past, but it would be very wrong to punish that people in their entirety and punish their future, to despise them and to regard them as cursed. The Jewish people are praised in the Qur’an. The People of Israel are praised, but the immoral ones and wicked ones are cursed. We have a duty to treat them with affection. We are awaiting an excellent initiative from Tayyip Hodja. To cover up and neutralize the strife in the world, insha’Allah.


January 4th, 2014: Radikal

In his talk programs, Mr. Adnan Oktar frequently urges Prime Minister Erdoğan to follow a policy of embracing everyone and, in particular, to use affectionate language toward Israel. Mr. Oktar also described the idea of an arms-laden HAF truck going to Syria, as reported a short while ago, as a conspiracy. Prof. Dr. Osman Can, a member of the AKP Central Committee, describes the incident in similar terms.

Prof. Can said that the corruption operation and truck crisis were “an attack on Turkish sovereignty” and also said, “I am not in favor of accusing Israel. It is not right in terms of our international relations to accuse other countries.”

2014-01-28 23:33:58

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