Head of Religious Affairs Prof. Dr. Mehmet Görmez: I keep telling the youngsters that they should not measure Islam using us

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In almost all his speeches, Prof. Dr. Mehmet, the Head of Religious Affairs, addresses the need for educating our youth just like Mr. Adnan Oktar frequently mentions. 

January 10th, 2014: A9TV 

ADNAN OKTAR: Raising a technical person and  raising a Muslim are seperate things. When Muslims are raised, when youth are raised as men of cause, believers act in unity in times of incidents, but if you raise technical people, they would not be interested in you, they would simply deal with their own business, they tend to the necessities of their own profession. They would not put themselves at risk for you, nor put themselves in a difficult position, nor would let anyone say anything against them. They lean towards where ever they see their own interest; I am saying this for some of them, some of course might act differently but the majority of them tend to be act this way. I mean if a world of personal interests are formed, people would only tend towards those interests, but if a world compliant with the good pleasure of God is desired, then a youth with a profound faith should be raised with facts leading to faith, with the miracles of the Qur'an. Or else you can open as many universities as you like, and nothing would happen. There are thousands of universities all around the world but a handful of devout youngsters might save a whole country. That is the same in communism as well; for instance a handful of communists might conquer or take over a country. 

A9 TV: September 12th, 2013  

ADNAN OKTAR: What should be done is to educate people with the system of the Mahdi, an education faithful to the Qur'an should be given, Islam as lived by the Companions should be explained, the spirit of the Companions should be reflected, and an understanding of compassion, mercy, affection should be developed. Such an education can best be given with the system of the Mahdi. 


A9 TV: August 17th, 2013


ADNAN OKTAR: I look at the television channels and see that all sorts of scholars appear, all sorts of experts appear and they talk about all subject matters yet none of them say anything about the Islamic Union, which is the only solution. And those who talk about it merely say; "Let the system of the caliphate come back, let the shariah law come. Look what democracy has dragged us into. Let us abolish democracy, let us give up our legal system and these freedoms, these are the things which caused our current situation." They say; "Let us bring about a radical shariah understanding." That means "Let us bring about the shariah of idolatry." Why do you not talk about freedom, democracy, love, arts, science, aesthetics, Islam as lived in the time of companions? Say; "This is the solution." There is no solution in their discussions. They persistently abstain talking about the Unity of Islam, about Islamic Union. 




January 20th, 2014: Akşam



Mr. Mehmet Görmez, who spoke in a meeting he attended, stated that it is absolutely necessary for those who give service about religion to re-evaluate both their own education and the service they render to the people under the heading of "Raising People".  He said, "The greatest account has to be taken by all the personnel of the Religious Affairs Office, led by myself, who are trying to lead you in this honorable office. All our provincial muftis, township muftis, and our personnel at the mosques all have to do some serious self-criticism.”


" From this rostrum I would like to tell the youth and  future generations that they should not judge Islam by observing us or  by observing those who claim to serve Islam or by observing religious structures: We may have fallen into errors in every way. Or else, for as long as the conflict in between Islam that is taught and the life lived does not go away, we should be aware that we are giving a religious education that opens the door to hypocrisy. So now I tell the youths that they should not evaluate Islam by observing us. We do not have the right to represent Islam.”

2014-01-29 19:06:21

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