Devlet Bahçeli: The AKP Must Follow up on Corruption

What He Said?What Happened?

Mr. Adnan Oktar constantly praises Devlet Bahçeli and his movement in his talk program, and says that the MHP is the cement holding Turkey together. Most recently, Devlet Bahçeli offered advice similar to that which Mr. Oktar gives the government, calling for them to follow up on corruption.

A9 TV:  January 23rd, 2012

ADNAN OKTAR: Mr. Devlet Bahçeli and the MHP’s devotion to the nation, the state and the people, the way they act as guarantees and cement, their love and passion and their deep love for Allah, the faith, the country and the flag, and their profound faith, all give rise to a deep love in the heart, of course.

A9 TV:  January 16th, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: Of course, Devlet Bahçeli’s warnings are useful. They show a care and a punctiliousness and he needs to say it. There need to be people saying these things and uttering warnings. If the entire nation is silent it means there is something wrong. The MHP needs to make its weight felt in that regard . That will strengthen the government against external forces. It is useful and proper.

 January 9th, 2014: A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: I do not think that Tayyip Hodja will embark on dangerous, fanciful things; there would be no logic or sense to that. If something is sound, he will settle it by legal means. But I favor the members of the judiciary and the police being treated with much more affection. I do not think there is a revolt being carried out by a secret state. As I always say, if people have stolen, you must come down on them and put them in prison and that is the  end of it. It does not concern the government. This tension seems unnecessary to me. The way ahead of the judicial system must be cleared. And the police must be strengthened.

 January 10th, 2014: A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: The important thing is that our nation is a heroic one and must not be used up for nothing. If there is a parallel state, it should have been exposed long before now. The state needs to be very sensitive to that. If there really is any evidence, then they must follow it up.

As I have said right from the start, they must come down on them without wasting time. There can be no question of sitting back and watching, and if there is nothing, so be it.

 January 4th, 2014: A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: There is this idea of not liking Tayyip Hodja. But what Tayyip Hodja needs to do here is to emphasize time and time again that he will have no mercy on those who commit crimes, in legal terms. He must emphasize the need to follow it up to the end. What they concentrate most on in society, and I notice this, is “Will it be covered up? Are they trying to cover it up?” That kind of thing. Our prime minister needs to say, “If there is anything to be covered up, I will bring it out into the open. I will also remove the people trying to cover it up from their posts. I want everything to be open and transparent. Our party is white, as the name AK [White] Party suggests. I will root out those who want to blacken it, and I will ensure that it remains white.”


 January 11th, 2014: Rota Haber

MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli said that the prime minister needed to follow upon corruption and clear the way for the public prosecutors. “We have and will have no desire to benefit from conflict. The prime minister’s most serious responsibility now is to strengthen the hand of the law. If he wants to restore respect for the AKP, he must follow up on this,” he said.

2014-01-30 22:50:26

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