Chemical and Conventional Weapons Both Result in Death

What He Said?What Happened?

After Mr. Adnan Oktar said that there is no difference between the use of conventional and chemical weapons since they both result in death, many officials and Prime Minister Erdogan began to draw attention to this issue.

A9 TV: November 24th, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: When they kill people with drum bombs they think it’s normal. When it is chemical weapons, they say, “This is wrong. How could you kill people with chemical weapons? Kill them with drum bombs, napalm bombs or howitzers instead.” They say, “You should blow the place up and cause turmoil and bloodshed. But the other is chemical; it is not acceptable.” This is not normal. After my explanations, this also caught the attention of our Prime Minister. He began to draw attention to this abnormality everywhere in the world. No leader has thought of this before. “It is bad to kill with chemical weapons, but it is OK to kill with conventional weapons”: This was their state of mind.

A9 TV: October 8th, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: They were not thinking. Look at their statements before – the statements made over the last 30 years- they are congratulating those who don't use chemical weapons and they are praising those who use conventional ones. They say, “If you kill in this way, it is legitimate. This is a clean way to kill, but the other is not; we don't like that one.” They are insisting on this. They have just understood that they were tactless about it, and that this wasn't normal. They have just noticed that they overlooked it. World leaders are in such a dilemma. After my statements, our Prime Minister  made a statement saying, “Both chemical and conventional weapons are the same.” But I have been saying this for months.

A9 TV: May 1st, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: However this is now a little strange isn’t this? They are murdering Muslims. They are executing them by firing squad and bombs. They are destroying buildings and people with howitzers . So these are considered normal, but when it comes to killing with chemical weapons, they say, “No! This is not humane.” Is it humane to kill with bombs? They are riddling them with holes. They are struggling on the ground; bones broken, legs and arms are shattered. Is this what is humane? They don't like the way of killing? Is that a better way to kill? Since it is accepted as a good method to kill, there is no need for intervention, but if he is not killing properly, I will not allow it. What kind of mentality is this? It is very unreasonable.

Violence is very bad no matter how it is done. If they are killed with chemical weapons or by any other means, this is murder. And murder is something that must be stopped as an act of humanity; but this, plus all the problems of the Middle East and the world, can only be solved through the Turkish Islamic Union. Therefore Islamic Union must be established as soon as possible.


January 28th, 2014: CNN Türk

Prime Minister Erdogan, who spoke at a group meeting of his party, said that there is a heart -wrenching human tragedy going on at the Yarmouk camp and continued:

“People are starving to death. Religious scholars are giving fatwas to eat dog and cat meat. In the face of the image of children being killed with chemical weapons in Syria, everyone would be ashamed but hundreds of thousands of people were also killed with conventional weapons” and reminded the audience that this must not be forgotten.

2014-02-15 22:06:53

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