Brother Kirkinci: Pretending Not to See the Services of the Government is Unfaithfulness

What He Said?What Happened?

Beloved brother Mehmet Kirkinci Hodja, one of the pupils of Said Nursi, used a calming style, just like Adnan Oktar has encouraged from day one, praised the services of the Government and the Gülen Community, and said doing otherwise would be unfaithfulness.

A9 TV:  December 27th, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: Attempting to terrorize the oppressed brings misfortune. It is an abnormal act. Of course Allah will not leave Muslims without a leader. Yet in the meantime it would be unjust to destroy a Prime Minister as he serves the way of the Mahdi and Islam with artificial excuses and schemes or he might have really made a mistake. It is such a shame. If the law requires that, it’s alright. But you don’t come up with the law. You come up with an artificial uproar. “I will take by creating an uproar” they say. Let’s handle everything with the law, with democracy.

December 27th, 2013  :A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: Beloved Tayyip Hodja is good.  He is nice; his outlook on Turkey is nice. If there are people who commit illegitimate acts, they should be taken swiftly, tried swiftly. They shouldn’t attempt to include our Tayyip Hodja in these affairs  because his vision is good. Turkey has truly become rich. Look, no price increases, no expensiveness, and no queues for years. Debt to the IMF has been paid, magnificent facilities have been opened, and universities have been opened. Everything flows smoothly. There is a great abundance.

No need to be anxious. It’s a party paving the way for the way of the Mahdi. There  is nothing to be anxious about.

A9 TV:  December 21st, 2013

Beloved Fethullah Hodja is a noor person, beloved Tayyip Hodja is also a noor person. May Allah bless their hearth with joy, relief, goodness, beauty and soul of peace. And may Allah bless them with embellishment inshaAllah.

In short, for the sake of Allah, Fethullah Hodja needs to be calm, and also Tayyip Hodja may be in peace. There is nothing to worry about. Agitation would benefit the enemies of Islam. This mutual anxiety, nervousness can be a situation that Satan provokes. Calmness, moderation would be good, inshaAllah. Strong language should be avoided. There is no need for strong language because making up for it is much more difficult inshaAllah.

A9 TV:  December 17th, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: The Gülen Community is inoffensive. In other words they are simple folks, they open schools to the best of their ability, they teach Turkish. Fethullah Hodja is doing well. No words for him. Don’t let anybody bother our Fethullah Hodja, and his morale. We pay our respects to him. Let him be in peace.

They are unpretentious people. They are simple people. One is going to Uganda, the other is going to Guatemala and another is going to Chile. They know nothing about these places, these foreign countries. They find a place to stay there, open a small school and serve Islam there. No need to bother them.

A9 TV:  December 1st, 2012

ADNAN OKTAR: I’m not saying this as a compliment, I’m saying it sincerely; Since Atatürk, there is no leader other than Mr. Erdoğan. It’s the truth. He is not praising himself; he is really modest and inoffensive. But really, if we examine technically, rationally and sincerely, there is no better prime minister but him in the History of RepublicI mean good for him! There haven’t been many people who grasped the most important  points, generated such enthusiasm , understood the spiritual and   sacred points of our nation so well and put it into practice so well, mashaAllah.


January 11st, 2014  :Risale Haber

Brother Mehmet Kırkıncı Hodja, one of the pupils of Said Nursi, made the following statement about the Government:

“We will support a party which we believe to cause material and spiritual development of our nation, without expecting any benefit or anything in return. Based on these facts, we look at the actions of the government from this window and say: Such a skillful team has come to power for the first time since Tanzimat (Political Reforms during the Ottoman Empire). We witness the existence of such quality and competent team for the first time. Neither the services of Gülen Hodja can be pretended not to be seen, nor can unmatched brave decisions and useful actions be ignored. In both cases, it would be at least unfaithfulness and unappreciativeness of worth”

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