A Peace Corps is Aimed in Syria

What He Said?What Happened?

A9 TV: December 8th, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: I had suggested a military blockade in Syria. They didn’t take my word into consideration and the responsibility of these murders fell upon Muslim countries now. However I said, “Let Islamic countries enter Syria from multiple points, for example from 70 points with 70 brigades or divisions; Syria cannot resist it. Nothing happens. The Syrian public will applaud, open the gates, they will enter Syria and the problem will be solved immediately.” They don’t do it just because of laziness, indifference, not giving a damn; meanwhile hundreds of kids are dying, hundreds of women are martyred, hunger, thirst ruin them. They have no water to drink. They can’t sleep, they can’t drink, and they can’t eat. So they will be ruined, destroyed there, may God forbid. The news about thousands, hundred thousands of martyrs are coming from all around the world. If they solve this problem here, the rest will come. Look, the issue comes to the way of the Mahdi (PBUH) all the time. If we have the way of the Mahdi, everything will be fine. They said, “There is no Hz. Mahdi (PBUH)”, they said, “Prophet Jesus (PBUH) will not return”, they said, “No need for the Unity of Islam”. Now the responsibility is  theirs and the consequences of this disaster, of its sufferings weighed down on them. All the Islamic world is bearing the full consequences of this. Terrible news is coming from everywhere.   

A9 TV:  December 12th, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: There is nothing else to do for Syria, except, I mean, I said it many times, if the armies of Islamic countries enter Syria from 70 separate points with 70 brigades or divisions, this problem will over in three or four hours. Syria will surrender and oppression stops.  It’s pretty easy. How much would it cost for a country to send a brigade to Syria? The result would be worth the world. You would be saving so many people, children. You would be sending a division of soldiers. They would enter Syria easily, nothing would happen. They would have their weapons but not a single bullet would need to be fired. They can take Syria under control in a short time, in three to five hours. They don’t do this. This issue is going on and on. Now the Red Cross can’t enter there, neither can the Red Crescent, the job of IHH is very difficult. That’s the situation there when there is no Islamic Unity and that’s the situation that is caused by so-called hodjas that prevent the way of the Mahdi. They prevented the way of the Mahdi then this oppression spread over the world. The responsibility is theirs, on their heads, they who prevented the way of the Mahdi. The responsibility is on their heads, they who prevented Unity of Islam. The love and support of Muslims for each other is called the Unity of Islam. When this is practiced, the issue is over. It is pretty easy.

A9 TV: August 30th,  2013

ADNAN OKTAR: They can’t achieve anything with bombings. They need to stop it. The only method to stop Assad is for all the Islamic countries to come together and enter Syria. They need to enter across land. Let them enter from 70 separate points.

The Chiefs  of Staff of Islamic countries cvan come together and establish a command committee.  Great minds think alike, they take a decision with this committee. After establishing headquarters, soldiers of all the Muslim countries would gather and enter Syria from seventy separate points. The issue will be solved instantly. Especially if Iran and Turkey enter Syria together, no other way, it will be over right away. Immediately. Otherwise people will shed blood, which would be a terrible mistake.

Let the Iranian army join especially. Let the Iranian army send 50,000  soldiers, in fact no need for that, one or two divisions of soldiers would suffice. Let Turkey give one division, Pakistan give one division, as well as other countries giving one division or one brigade. Let Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria send soldiers. In fact, as soon as Turkey and Iran send soldiers, all the others would follow. An initiative is necessary then it’s done. The Egyptian army as well.

Once all the Islamic countries send a division of soldier, it’s done. What would Assad say? He would give in immedietly. What can he say in such a situation? His biggest defender is Iran. If Iran sends soldiers, the problem is over it’s that obvious. Who will say what?


January 20th, 2014 : Yeni Şafak

According to the report of El-Hayat, the London based newspaper US President Barack Obama stated that a peace force was being contemplated for  Syria.

USA, Russia and Turkey would be taking the lead. Countries including some European countries, Morocco, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Brazil and Venezuela  are expected to take part in the Peace Corps mission.

2014-02-25 01:07:35

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