Mr. Erdoğan: We haven’t reached out for ill-gotten, We won’t let others reach out for ill-gotten

What He Said?What Happened?

ADNAN OKTAR: Everybody commits wrongdoing. Everybody might commit a sin. Calling down curses  upon each other is not right. They are Muslims too, they are our brothers too. If someone makes a mistake, he repents. Allah forgives one who repents, inshaAllah. Muslims will be forgiving, merciful. If we curse everybody for committing sin, there will be no people left in the world. It is not a right thing to do.

Those who steal, rob or plunder; all of them. They are people in any case. We will pray for these people. We will pray that Allah would better them, guide them. We will try for their best. If someone does wrong, he goes to jail but he won’t cease to be a Muslim. He serves time, three years or five years, whatever it is. He gets out of jail; he is still a believer, a Muslim. He performs prayer, becomes a good person for Islam, Muslims.

January 4th, 2014  :A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: There is a mindset of dislike for our beloved Tayyip Hodja. However what our Tayyip Hodja needs to do here is to emphasize again and again that he will give no quarter to those who commit crimes  in legal terms and to emphasize the need for going all the lengths. This is what society takes seriously most, I noticed that; ''I wonder if they covered it up? Are they trying to cover it up?” like that. Let our Prime Minister say “On the contrary”, he needs to say “If there is anything to cover up, I will reveal it. If somebody is trying to sweep things under the carpet, I will dismiss them if necessary. I want everything to be transparent and open. Our party is white, like its name. If someone dares to make the white turn to black, I will discard them. I will keep it white” he should say.

A9 TV : December 5th, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: Whatever it is said, our Tayyib Hodja is a genuine person. He is a person who acts in the way of Allah, defends the Unity of Islam, acts in the way of Mahdi, he is a person who represents a soul waiting for the appearance of Prophet Christ (PBUH) and Hazrat Mahdi (PBUH). He is a long-suffering person. It is not important what difficulties he encountered, what happened, what was said. The important thing is a great part of the public supports him. He has got at least 52-53 % support today.

A9 TV : December 27th, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: Attempting to terrorize the oppressed brings misfortune. It is an abnormal act. Of course Allah will not leave Muslims without a leader. Yet in the meanwhile it would be unjust to destroy a Prime Minister as he serves the way of the Mahdi and Islam with artificial excuses and schemes or he might have really made a mistake. It is such a shame. If the law requires that, it’s alright. But you don’t come up with the law. You create  an uproar. “I will overthrow him  with an uproar” they say. Let’s handle everything with law, with democracy. 


January 17th, 2014: Time Türk

Prime Minister Erdoğan at a ceremony held for the 100th Anniversary of the foundation of Imam Hatip schools,  made a statement and said as follows:

“We did not come with curses but with prayers. We will continue that way. A Muslim does not hatch a plot against another Muslim. He does not do it against anyone, let alone Muslims. We won’t be servants of anyone but only Allah. Everybody’s made mistakes. So does a President, so does a Speaker. Thanks to God, we haven’t reached out for the ill-gotten; we won’t let others reach out for the ill-gotten. There is the Day of Reckoning. We should give an account of ourselves before that day comes.”

2014-02-25 01:20:54

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