Prime Minister Erdoğan: One Land, One Flag... We won’t Accept Separation

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Both in his articles and books and at his TV shows, Mr. Adnan Oktar points out the importance of the unity of our country. He explains at every turn his determination about it and that any attempt to divide the Turkish people and Turkey won’t be allowed.

Mr. Prime Minister Erdoğan also emphasizes this, especially in recent days in his speeches, that he won’t accept separation and put stress on “one land, one flag”.

February 16th, 2014 - A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: We will not allow a system that will publicly lead to a separation of Turkey. But everybody can dream and talk as he wishes. He can go to coffeehouses and talk, think, he is free to do that. But we won’t allow separation whatsoever. They shouldn’t beat the air. If we see some clue that Turkey is about separate, if we see any sign about that, we raise the roof, we won’t allow it. We, 70 million people, will be martyred if needed. No need for them to test us to no avail. It is not possible. They need to forget it, inshaAllah. Necessary measures need to be taken against this. The Government needs to be alert to such things.

February 1st, 2014, A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR:  Turkey is steel, our faith is steel, our belief is steel. We won’t let our country be divided. Besides we also will not allow any course like autonomy that would lead to separation. They better forget it. There is no need to repeat this hundred times. Why autonomy? They are our brothers, we are their brothers. We have blended together with our Kurdish brothers for hundreds of years. We live in happiness. It’s an unwelcome innovation. We see our mothers, brothers in İzmir, in İstanbul, in Ankara; we see them everywhere. We will see our brothers from Ankara, İzmir there then. Therefore such borders, making smaller, curtains, autonomy, federations or like the PKK says, a Stalinist, communist Kurdistan State; it is not possible for us to allow these. We said it before, we showed the way; if you martyr 77 million then you will take all of Turkey. Otherwise, you are not allowed. There is no nothing complicated.

March 31st, 2013 - A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: Look, federation, autonomy, these are risky remarks. This will certainly lead to separation. They say: “Let it be over as soon as possible” What did we do in Turkish war of independence? We resisted until the end. Did we say ‘let’s give our land to English and we are done’? “Give it to the PKK and you are done”, No way. Autonomy, federation, self-government, province system; these are all fashionable names for separation. Beware! Our young soldiers have been martyred for resisting these names. Federation, autonomy, self-government and province system, they were martyred because they didn’t not accept these. No martyr accepts this. No Turkish young man, no Muslim brother accepts this.

Is the parliament separate in the Province system? It is. The Prime Minister is also separate. That’s it. The parliament is separate, Prime Minister is separate, and Police is separate. What is that supposed to mean? It is a separate state then it is over. It is that simple. Then they will be saying under the shadow of PKK weapons; “Now let’s get together, we will vote, do you accept independence?” They will be filling ballot box and they will say “Look, we have 95% for independence”. It is over, go figure! It is a very dangerous course. The Prime Minister explains it like a lion: “I won’t let the country be divided” He says openly. “One state, one nation” he says. But we need to support him.


February 17th, 2014 - Hürriyet

In a ceremony he attended, Prime Minister Erdoğan said that he wouldn’t let Turkey be divided and made a statement as follows:

“We have four important topics. No matter what they say, we shouldn’t let anybody make an operation against these. We move forward with the consciousness of one nation. It is citizenship of the Turkish Republic. We came to these days with one flag, we will move forward like that as well. Because what makes a flag a flag is the blood on it, the soil is the land if there are martyrs in the cause of it. Our flag is meaningful; it took its color from the blood of our martyrs. The crescent is the symbol of our independence; the star is the symbol of our martyrs.  So, no discussion for our flag. And one land, 780 thousand square kilometers, only one land. It is not possible to accept any separation whatsoever. And the fourth thing is one state. A state within a state  is not possible for us to accept that, ever”.

2014-03-01 20:44:31

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