Free Public Transportation for Martyrs’ Relatives and Veterans

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Mr. Adnan Oktar very often reminds us that respect, courtesy and tribute must be shown to martyrs’ relatives and veterans and says that they must be hosted at places like restaurants, bazaars, stores, touristic facilities, public transportation vehicles and many other places free of charge.

Our government has passed many economic regulations for martyrs’ relatives and veterans in that respect and recently completed the required preparations for free public transportation.

Başkent TV: March 6th, 2009

Adnan Oktar: Yes. Showing respect, courtesy and tribute because Allah did not grant that to us, but to them. They have had a very beautiful trial so this is a nice constitution. Let’s work and try very hard, as much as we can. It is so nice to host a veteran at one’s house. How could we forget them? For example, let’s kiss martyrs’ relatives on the forehead where we see them. Let’s show our respect and tribute to martyrs’ relatives. All people must support and provide for them as much as we can. Being a father, mother or family member of a martyr is such a big honor. We need to give medals to both their mothers and fathers so they can wear it on their chest. We will hug them wherever we see them. Everyone shall welcome them to their house or restaurant. Right? For example, if they are using the bus, they will say “Excuse us, but how could we take your money?” There must be such a system.

Çay TV: March 11th, 2009

ADNAN OKTAR: Also our veterans are a little forgotten at the moment. We can’t see our veterans. A veteran should be able to walk into a café, say “Salam alaikum”, sit down and people there will embrace him. We will not take any money from them. For example, he gets into a cab and he’s got no money, or he walked into a store and he’s got no money; it would be rude to demand money from a veteran. He will wear his medal and we’ll see it on his chest. For example, he lost his arm; people will kiss that arm. He is a lion, so why keep him in a house. This is not out of courtesy; it is because he deserves it as a lion, insha’Allah. Or he got on a plane; why take his money? It should be free. Everywhere will be free for him. Or he went downtown to buy a shirt. It would be rude to demand payment from him. He would bring prosperity to the shop. You will say “No need”; give me a hug. May Allah give you salvation. For example some of them come in a wheelchair or some use crutches. They are lions. Tourist facilities must also be free for them otherwise it would be weird. They go home and sit down. They spend their whole lives at home. How could we let this happen? Martyrs’ families must be welcomed with love, enthusiasm and joy everywhere they go. We must make them feel that more and more.

January 18th 2013: A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: There is no need for rules for our veterans and martyrs. Everyone must support them. The government must also support them. They are few in numbers; they have sold their lives for Allah. They are our heart, our honor and our dignity. They gave their lives  for our country, people, religion and faith. Thanks to Allah. We are alive and well but they died for the sake of everything we consider sacred, for the sake of Allah. Everything we have is theirs. Our property and belongings… they entrusted their mothers, fathers and brothers to us. They are sacred to us. I am always saying this: when he goes to a store, he buys a coat for example, he is the son of a veteran. He has his father’s medal – all children must be given medals- so now how could anyone get that child’s money? We could not. Why do we need it? You have your store. You are well thanks to that veteran; your children are alive and well because that veteran gave his life  to Allah. If we are free and can practice our faith, it is because of that veteran’s sacrifice.

There is something called loyalty. Since they are entrusted to us, they should not only lead a normal life but they should also have a rich life. The families of martyrs must become rich. We can be poor as long as they are rich and live comfortably. So we can be relieved in our conscience.

He goes to the market for example and asks for half a kilo of cheese. Why take his money? You can say, “All right, Allah gave me its return” and send him on his way. You can say, “Allah paid for it.” There is no need to take his money. They are poor mostly; it would be devastating and strange to take their money. People should also support them as well as our government. Don't let this stay simply as words: Let’s put this into practice.


February 27th, 2014: Enson Haber

The system, which will allow almost 10 million martyrs’ relatives, veterans, handicapped and elderly throughout Turkey to travel “free of charge” for both inner city and out of town transportation, is complete.

The transportation cards prepared by the Ministry of Family and Social Policies are red andwhite in color and it is written, “free” on them. The system will become active right after the regulation is published by the Ministry.

2014-04-03 02:02:02

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