Free Internet in Istanbul

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A9 TV: February 23rd, 2014

It is important that Internet is free. Free wireless Internet in big cities; no need for cables; all free. If Tayyip hodja achieves this, he will be number one. He will be great.

January 20th, 2014: A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: Internet is actually a very troubling issue. It puts all Muslims in a difficult position. Internet must be completely free: It must be wireless and free. The government would gain a lot of points and it would be a good deed; above all, it would be a good deed. Let’s give freedom to our people. People must be joyful. They are bored everywhere. Let’s do things that will give joy to the people. Let’s make people happy. All the news is very saddening. Almost all of it; we want happy news and we want to hear good tidings. Pity on our people. Pity on our people.

A9 TV: September 18th, 2013  

ADNAN OKTAR: Our Prime Minister has to solve this Internet issue. This is the most vital issue. Education is the most vital issue. With education, the most important source is the Internet, which is like a huge public library. Then it would be like everyone  is enrolled in college. Our Prime Minister must avoid this quota issue. Internet must be wireless and free, as it is in Israel so they can use it as much as they want. Do we not want our people to be cultivated? This is a limitless ocean. This is an opportunity to reach trillions and billions of pieces of information. It is the biggest university, the biggest encyclopedia in  the world. You push the button and you can find any information. Our Prime Minister must open way for this. This is vital; then we can deal with other things.

A9 TV: September 12th, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: The Prime Minister must find a solution to this. This is very embarrassing in the 21st Century. When a person wants to use the Internet, he must be able to connect everywhere. And it must also be wireless and free. Culture is essential: You  ask people to be cultivated and knowledgeable and then you  set a quota or a boundary. This is wrong.


April 1st, 2014: Haber Türk

İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality has begun to provide free wireless internet service at well-known centers and squares throughout the city.

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