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From Mr. Adnan Oktar’s Interview with Kon TV

ADNAN OKTAR: Everything starts with sincerity and being very sincere and kind. It is very nice to explore the deepness people possess. Being artificial ruins people. Now there is a materialistic, artificial structure in the world and people are killing their bodies with their own hands; they have killed their loving hearts with their own hands.

Look, if we lose our love and sincerity, there is only a corpse left. There is only a corpse left ready to rot, and troubled and painful days are to come for that person. They begin to suffer then working all day and earning a small amount. Then he buys some food with that money, goes home and watches a little TV, gossips and then sleeps. The next day he works again, eats a little again, and after a little gossiping he fights and talks back to people. This world is not supposed to be like this. This is a trouble given by Allah. We did not come to this world for this.

We came here to love Allah with all our heart. We came here to live with love and passion for the sake of Allah. We came here to serve Allah and people are punishing themselves with their own hands. Allah says (I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satan): “Allah does not wrong people in any way; rather it is people who wrong themselves. So people ruin themselves, so the Mahdi will stop this trouble, this system of people ruining themselves. He will invite them to love, sincere friendship and companionship and help them live the spirit, by Allah’s leave.

From Mr. Adnan Oktar's Interview at Kanal 35

ADNAN OKTAR: The religion of the ignorant is very common among people. For example, they say, “He is a fine man.” Then you look and see that he is very artificial. His mimicry, his actions, his attitude are very artificial like an actor in an embarrassing way. His talking is artificial and his attitude is artificial; he is insincere. There are hundreds of mimics and attitudes about this.

Being an artificial person is tiring. Being natural is very nice. Sincerity is very nice. Loving someone sincerely is very nice. Using sincere words is very nice. Therefore Allah says that only those who are sincere will be saved. I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satan. “Only those who are sincere will be saved…” So if they ask a Muslim to choose between the pleasure of sincerity and the repulsiveness of being artificial, even if there were no verse about it in the Qur’an, a reasonable person would of course prefer sincerity, because a natural person is very very beautiful.

A9 TV: September 8th, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: Allah creates reason and wisdom moment by moment. Sincerity is very important because Allah says, “Only my sincere servants will be saved.” When a person is sincere, Allah creates wisdom and reason for him or her. Reason constantly flows. It doesn't stay inside the brain. People think that reason is stored inside the brain but this is not true. The brain is empty inside. Reason constantly flows inside the brain like a river; it is sent by Allah. When Almighty Allah sees a person is sincere, He sends reason to him or her constantly – and this is in destiny. When someone’s actions are not sincere, reason is not sent. Then that person becomes lost and crazy. They encourage insincerity a lot in movies and soap operas. A reasonable and rational person is very nice for both men and women.

Allah gives reason to a sincere person. This is very clear. This is seen in all the prophets and in all good people. For example, Allah makes a person who is dishonest, dark, mischievous, suspicious and sneaky blind and deaf. He begins to act strangely. His stare and the way he talks and his reasoning becomes corrupted; Allah creates barriers for him. If you give up being sincere, then trouble follows you everywhere. If you are honest and sincere, you would begin to see that things that appear to be accidents are actually right. You begin to see that there is good in everything.


April 13th, 2014: Bugün

The Holy Birth Week activities for the 1443rd year of the birth of our Prophet (saas) began. This year, the topic for the Holy Birth Week was “Faith equals Sincerity”, which is a subject Mr. Adnan Oktar focuses on in his conversations.

 All political leaders and religious scholars gave speeches with the title “Sincerity in religion is important.” In addition, there were billboards all over Istanbul with the title “Faith is Sincerity Towards Allah” written on them.

April 13th, 2014: Radikal

April 13th, 2014: Radikal

Prime Minister Erdogan emphasizes the importance of sincere faith in his speech at the Holy Birth Week activities:

“Faith sprouts in the hearts first. Allah knows what is in our hearts. Even if you show it openly or hide what is in your heart, Allah knows it. Every day we turn to the qibla and say “We only serve  You and ask for Your help only.” Those who say “We serve  You” with their tongues but desire power, possessions and sons with their hearts, are not real believers.”

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