Mr. Mehmet Görmez: We Need To Take Notice of Young People’s Freedom, Not Their Appearance

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In his live television programs, Mr. Adnan Oktar says that young people must be free in their faith and emphasizes the importance of not having a youth that doesn't understand art or aesthetics  and reminds his viewers that we need to aim for a happy society; he also states that the bigoted mindset limits and forbids art, aesthetics, modern clothing and a modern way of life and tells people that in Islam these are all “haram.”

In many of his statements, The Director of the Department of Religious Affairs, Mr. Mehmet Gormez, makes similar comments to those of Mr. Adnan Oktar’s. He recently said, “We need to adopt a model that opens not closes” and emphasizes the importance of avoiding any interference into the way young people dress and appear and of the need for using a new language to target and improve freedom.

A9 TV: November 20th, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: What do some fundamentalist Muslims say? “Music is haram (forbidden by religion).” There is music throughout Europe. Music is an inseparable part of their lives. They say, “Paintings are haram.” In Europe there are paintings everywhere. “Women with low-neck clothes.” No way! “Women who don't cover their hair.” No. “What else?” They say, “Laughing is also haram.” But people laugh all the time. They say, “It is forbidden to laugh.” Cutting your beard? They say, “No, forbidden.” Dressing up in a modern way. “No, that’s also forbidden.” Eating at a table? “No.” Then they say, “We also want to be a member of the European Union.” My brother, they would never let you in. You say; “I will kill those who don't perform prayers; I will kill those who don't fast; I will kill those who don't give alms.” When you see a Christian, you say, “Corner him.” You say, “When you see a Jewish person, you will kill him where you see him.” In Europe there are Jewish people and Christians. A lot of them; almost all of them, in fact. What will you do? How will you spread the religion?

August 21st, 2013: A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: They bring this bigoted, traditional, fundamentalist understanding of Islam as the only option throughout the world. I see bigots on television channels. Even the biggest TV channels let some of the most famous bigots speak on their programs where they talk about their traditional and bigoted superstitions to the people. They always talk about the same things. The appearance of the bigots changes and the way they talk changes, but the source and the logic and the language they use are the same. According to their mentality, women have to cover their hair; you can’t have music, you can’t dance, you can’t paint or have sculptures, you can’t enjoy art. They consider architecture as a luxury. You won’t have tourists in your country. You will not and cannot have a lively life. The only life you can have is an introverted, withdrawn model where men wear white socks and almond-shaped moustaches.

Europe hates this; America hates this. This is what it is, nothing else. They try to show that bigotry, dirt, avoiding art and aesthetics as a condition for faith. For example, we listen to music but they see this as a sign of blasphemy. A woman doesn't cover her hair, and they see this as a sign of blasphemy. Sculpture is a sign of blasphemy. You say, “Let’s sit at a table.” He says, “This is a sign of blasphemy.” Eating with forks and spoons? He says, “That’s also a sign of blasphemy.” You laugh. He says, “This is a sign of blasphemy.” Women wear make-up. He says, “A sign of blasphemy.” May Allah give them reason. They have forged a very repulsive and irritating Muslim model.

A9 TV: June 8th, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: Real modernity can be achieved in a loving society; not a gray, cold society but a joyful, quality society that is full of life. This needs to be the goal of the state and the government. A withdrawn, introverted youth that doesn't understand art or aesthetics, and who have dull stares; we don't want a youth like this. I don't mean all of them, but some young people are like this; this is wrong. They need to be outgoing and they should bring joy to wherever they go with their laughter, talk, happiness and the light in their eyes. They need to bring beauty to the world. This is vital. We are kindly asking Mr. Erdogan to aim for such a youth, insha’Allah.

June 3rd, 2013: A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: Young people are singing and yelling and having fun. Why should I make them uncomfortable? Why should I trouble them? Why should I force them into my own faith? It is a blessing that a person is free to live his or her own religion. It opens people up. Everyone should be free in faith. This is very nice. It shows that we have democracy.

If everyone lives like they have to believe in the same thing, people would become very uncomfortable. If someone wants to drink, let him drink. If he wants to sing, talk, walk, pray, cover their heads, wear the hijab, let them be. Everyone should be free. Young women should be free to weak low-neck dresses and travel as they wish. Trying to give advice to them, talking arrogantly to them would not help. We only tell what we know in a compassionate manner. They can do whatever they want. If they don't do it, we’ll be even more loving.

June 4th, 2013: A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: Of course when we see that young people are free, we are very pleased. Then we see that they are cheerful, we are very pleased. When we see them depressed or unhappy, we don't want something like this. Anyone who wants to pray can freely perform prayers. No one should interfere with anyone else. No one should say a word to another. We need to be mature and loving. I  set my mind that young people should be joyful long ago. They should dress up and be happy, play music and have fun, read book and travel. We want to see them happy, insha’Allah.

Trying to set people straight: “Respecting everyone’s way of life.” For example, I am very bothered when someone is trying to set someone else straight. If we trouble him and cause him discomfort, it would bother me. He should be free. What should it concern you? That is another color. Allah creates him that way. It would please me to see that someone is free. It proves that we have democracy. You can set people straight with fear, all right but you would turn people into hypocrites. Let them be sincere. If he is a communist, he should be able to say, “I am a communist.” Whoever he is, or he could have another belief. He could have strange beliefs.


May 3rd , 2014: Yeni Şafak

The Director of the Department of Religious Affairs, Mr. Mehmet Gormez, made the following statement at the opening ceremony of a panel:

"Today’s youth considers the world of the previous generation as ‘narrow.’ We need to work on a new language by taking this into consideration. We need to adopt a model, which does not close but opens. I don't think that it is right to answer things by putting aspects that are not within the boundaries of “haram” and “halal” and are best left to people’s freewill, within the context of religion; I think this makes religion unlivable. We should not interfere with a young person’s appearance, clothes, earrings or tattoos but we have to communicate with his or her  thoughts and mentality directly and talk with them. Today’s youth is so devoted to their freedom that they don't seek  a role model. But having a role model doesn't contradict people’s freedom. Maybe we need to have an open model; a model that opens the mind and the heart, that helps people discover themselves.”

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