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In his interviews, Mr. Adnan Oktar is constantly reminding his viewers that recently the PKK has been regrouping, and undergoing ideological education as well as weapons training. Further plans are being made and thus the danger of division is still present.

Thus in the PKK report prepared by the Police Statement and Gendarmerie Intelligence Units, it is stated that the organization is regrouping and they are coming back after they receiving political education. 

A9 TV: February 17th, 2014

ADNAN OKTAR: A person who says there is no danger of division, or cannot see that Turkey is going to be on the edge of a cliff, is dangerous. So we need to be warning people. Truly, the KCK is a very dangerous organization. The members of the organization have been arrested but it doesn’t mean that it is over. PKK members are also being arrested constantly but the PKK didn’t collapse so we cannot claim that the KCK is finished. The KCK may be organized in the cities and districts. They seem very determined. As our nation, we must show that we are also determined. We will not allow division, self government or federation. During this time, the PKK gathered,  they took rest, they gave more importance to their weapons training, and they gave more importance to the ideological education, they gained more members; some of them were in a panic, but the panic ended. The ill ones were treated, the tired ones rested, the ones whose ideological education was incomplete completed their education, the missing plans were completed, the lack of weapons and  lack of equipment were solved. As I see and as I understand it, they are  planning an  attack. They are also trying to pacify our nation against the PKK, communism and Stalinism. They are trying to give the image that the PKK is not dangerous, and Abdullah Ocalan is not dangerous.

A9 TV: April 8th, 2014

ADNAN OKTAR: Now, the PKK is free like birds, they are very free. They are training in the mountains, they are having their education, they are providing new young people to come to the mountains. They are making some strategic works and they are preparing attack plans. They are resting and they are renewing. Because before, he tPKK took a hard line with them. they are getting  ready for new attacks. On the other hand, they are making political studies. ‘We want the whole area to be left to us’ said Abdullah Ocalan. So we must constitute educational institutions, a lot of them. This can be as courses and associations. The government should support this. They should do what is necessary and we should warn our people there, we should inform them of the dangers of communism, Stalinism, division, and the harm that division would cause, may Allah forbid, it would be like North Korea. That would be very dangerous. In short, in the Southeast where raving PKK members rule , a bloody communist community would be in charge. They get support from Communist China, they get support from Russia, they get support from India and they would get into a huge armament competition. This would be very dangerous.

And because the armed forces, armament are ready to be used, they would attack to take the rest of the parts of Turkey. They may say ‘We will have a  revolution’.  This would be a very dangerous situation. So, when we have time and opportunity, we must motivate our youth, and we must educate them. We should build an essential barrier against this big threat.

A9 TV: April 3rd,  2014

ADNAN OKTAR: What does self government, federation mean? It means division. And what was the bloodshed in Southeast for? It was to stop the division. What is the only aim of the PKK? Division. If there is no division, so why are these people  struggling for it?  Why did they send thousands of terrorists to the mountains? Right now, the PKK is gathering strength, they are recovering . They are developing their projects, they are going on with their propagandas in the public. However the military  should give confidence to the public and they should provide them a comfortable life. There shouldn’t be fear of the PKK. They are striving for their lives? Why? Because of the authority of the PKK. The mountains, everywhere is full of  PKK members. They didn’t leave their weapons but also they had some new members. They developed new strategies. They made new positionings and they threatened the people more. Nowadays, there isn’t  bombings, etc., these kind of actions are not happening. They have already made themselves accepted. They have made their situation, their power accepted. After they declared the self government, they would have a referendum and say; ‘We are independent. Take away the police and the soldiers from here.’ It is very clear. Federalism is the gentle name for it. Government cannot have a federation. Government is a government.


Hürriyet: April 11th, 2014

In the Resolution Process/PKK report prepared by the Police Statement and Gendarmerie Intelligence Units, it is mentioned that about 2,000  new members joined the organization and they ntoed; ‘These new members have returned a short time after they crossed the borders.’

In the report, it is stated that these groups don’t join in armed attacks, but they have made a comeback by taking benefit from the Repentance Law after they received political education in the organization's camps.

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