Yalçın Akdoğan: As long as there is tension in politics, instead of courtesy a head loss is inevitable

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Mr. Adnan Oktar reminds his viewers in his TV shows that some politicians do not have a sense of loyalty or compassion, and that when it comes to politics, the first things that come to mind must be love and compassion. In addition, he emphasizes that generally speaking, there is a lack of love and when we look at the example of some columnists, we see that they do not mention a single word about love, brotherhood and quality.

Mr. Yalcin Akdogan also wrote an article, which included similar comments to Mr. Adnan Oktar’s views.

May 20th, 2014: A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: I sometimes look at columnists wondering if they mention love or now. Most of them talk about hate and very few of them mention love. For example Muslim newspapers in Morocco, Tunisa, Algeria, Iraq; they persistently fail to mention love. They don't mention mercy, compassion, friendship, quality, beauty or aesthetics, but they always write about quarreling, revenge, hatred and rage. The anti-christ has indoctrinated a spirit of lovelessness into the whole world.

A9 TV: April 29th, 2014

ADNAN OKTAR: There is no loyalty in politics, as we understand it classically. It has always been like this at the time of the Justice Party as well as the time of ANAP. It is always like this. There is no place for loyalty in politics. Politics is the implementation arena of neo-liberal capitalism. Neo-liberal capitalism is mostly seen in politics. Politics is very vicious. For example, it can easily overthrow a person who is a leader now. A member of the parliament can easily be forgotten. For example, he could have served the party a great deal but he can very easily turn into someone who is completely ordinary and he could even be blamed. In politics, mutual support is only apparent until their mutual interests are satisfied. The spirit of wild capitalism completely dominates politics. Everyone knows this. When they are done with you, they don't even look at your face. When they are done, they forget about friendship and loyalty, even brotherhood. This is known everywhere and everyone thinks that this is normal.

There is loyalty in Islam and there is adherence. But in the time of the Mahdi, this will be solved completely. There will be complete loyalty, compassion and adherence. People will not waste one another. They will know each other’s value.

A9 TV: February 3rd, 2014

ADNAN OKTAR: Since people are already harmed by politics in terms of virtues and there is slander and a mentality of quarrel by words, people don't see politics as a source of love in some places. They see it as the source of conflict and troubles. But when politics comes to mind, we must immediately think about love and compassion. Politics must be at the disposal of love. Politics must serve love. In many places of the world, politics causes conflict, division, quarrel, slander and mischief; therefore it pushes people towards a competitive state of mind. In the time of the Mahdi, politics will be the source of love. Politics will be used to obtain love, insha’Allah.


May 23rd, 2014: Star

In his article, Yalçın Akdoğan wrote that politicians must adopt a friendlier language and attitude where they greet one another with good-humor.

He noted, “As long as there is slander instead of courtesy and valor instead of vision, a head loss is inevitable.”

2014-06-13 00:17:29

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