In Kahramanmaraş the Police started a campaign for the protection and warning of the children

What He Said?What Happened?

A9 TV: April 30th, 2014

(Ertuğrul Özkök drew attention to the recent murders and molestation of children. He said, ‘As we brought the ones who were sentenced to death in Egypt to account, we should also bring to account these unsolved murders.')

ADNAN OKTAR: Well, they catch the man, and he goes to prison smirking; that’s not a solution. The government has a project currently teaching the children to ‘shout loudly’. That’s also not a solution. There should be an adult with the children everywhere. That’s the only solution. That’s only a child, and when a man shuts the child's mouth, he can take the child away. So the child cannot resist, he is not so strong, and when the man holds the child, the man takes him away. If the child shouts, he can say ‘He is my child, I am taking him home, he is having a temper tantrum.’ How can you understand? That’s not reasonable. The parents must come together in the neighborhoods. At those times when children are playing outside, they will choose a parent to watch the children.

A9 TV: April 29th, 2014

(About the recent child murders, Family and Social Policies Minister Mrs. Ayşenur İslam said: ‘We must take precautions immediately. As the ministry, it is our responsibility to raise the awareness of the families, to plan what children should do against these violent events and to teach them.’)

ADNAN OKTAR: It is not a solution to teach the children. You say ‘child’, so how can you teach a child? A child makes childishness. Even if you teach him, he still makes childishness. They say, ‘Don’t take anything from strangers’ but a man gives the child a silvered chocolate, and the child forgets everything. They say, ‘Don’t go near the strangers’ but a man shows love to the child and the child goes off with him. So this cannot be like that. The parents must come together in the neighborhoods. At those times when children play outside, a parent should be watching them. If there is ten children, then they will choose a parent to watch these ten children. There is no way other than this. It cannot be simply solved by teaching the children. Don’t waste time. People already teach their own children, they warn their children, but it still happens. The children cannot protect themselves.

A9 TV: May 4th, 2014

Execution should be forbidden everywhere. The government has already made a decision for that. But they will martyr the children, they will torture the children and we will say ‘We will punish him’. The kid is gone; he is ruined. What happens if you punish the criminal, or not? The man is already a madman, if you execute him, he would go to his death smiling. You put him in a cell,; he likes to be there, he is a lunatic, a maniac. The solution is precautions to protect the children. How? There should be an adult with the children. A child cannot protect himself. They teach him what to do even they know that he is only a child. ‘You must shout loudly.’ What would happen when the little kid shouts? The kidnapper shuts the child's mouth and takes him away. With every child there should be a parent or an adult. 


Sabah: May 13th, 2014

In Kahramanmaraş, a mobilization was declared to prevent the children from being kindapped and killed. The police were on duty for 24/7, and they gave warnings to the parents and the children. An awareness campaign for the children, their families and society to avoid these cases before they happen was instituted. 

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