The punishment for the Sexual Abusement of the Children is becoming heavier

What He Said?What Happened?

Mr. Adnan Oktar said the death penalty for violence against children is not a solution but that rather a   heavy life sentence should be given but that we must dwell on education.

Then, Mr. Bekir Bozdağ   explained that some regulations in the judicial package are done, and the punishments regarding the sexual abuse of children will be heavier. 

A9 TV: April 4th, 2014

(In an answer to an email asking: ‘Would the death penalty be a disincentive for the kidnapping of children?)

ADNAN OKTAR: These are psychopaths; they have already condemned themselves. He is crushing a child’s head with a stone, he is a lunatic, he is ravenous. He says, ‘Hang me’ and thus he gets away with his guilt. Killing is not a solution; we should stop the Darwinist, materialist education. We must teach the love of Allah, fear of Allah. We must teach  love .

These children are like angels, how cute they are, how sweet. But the man is stone-hearted, cruel, unmerciful, brutal. In prison they languish, but when you execute them, they die immediately. So they choose to be executed. He gets into a gun-battle with the police, and then shoots himself. They are reckless. A heavy life sentence is a great punishment actually but to give these vicious people an opportunity would be oppression. What does it mean if you tell a child, ‘gG out alone’? It means ‘go inside the mouth of the beast.’ You must take care of the child.

A9 TV: May 4th, 2014

ADNAN OKTAR:  Execution is a kind of salvation for a despicable person. For example he raped a child, they say, ‘Come let’s hang him’. He likes this. These kind of people are psychopaths so they are suicidal. If you hang him, he likes it; this is a type of salvation for him. A heavy life sentence is better. He should suffer till the end of his life.

But what will we say to those  who make Darwinist, materialist education? So what will we say to the ones who made these people  like this? If you don’t raise this person as a Darwinist or a materialist, if you teach him the signs of creation, the miracles in the Qur'an, can he be a psychopath like that? You say, ‘Your ancestors came from mud. You are a monkey that exists as a result of coincidences. Then they say, ‘How did this man become a psychopath, how did he be a communist, how did he become a PKK member?’ There is nothing complicated. If there is no fear of Allah, then things happen like this.


Star: May 12th, 2014 

Mr. Bekir Bozdağ explained that there are some new regulations about the punishments for the sexual abuse of children in the new judicial package, which was sent to the TBMM. He said: ‘In our laws, the murders of children are named as the first degree murder. The punishment of this crime is a heavy life sentence. It is the heaviest punishment, there is no punishment heavier than that.' 

'But in the execution of this sentence, like the execution of sentences for ordinary crimes, after they complete two thirds of the punishment, they benefit from conditional release. Now we are bringing a new method of sentencing for the persistent violators. The people who commits these crimes will be subjected to a heavier penalty than the penalty for terror. The ones who were given a heavy life sentence were staying in prison for 30 years; now they will stay in prison for 39 years. The ones who were given heavy life sentence were staying in prison for 24 years, now they will stay for 33 years. For the heavier sentences, nine more years added to the punishment   is very important.'

2014-06-27 00:13:33

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