Mr. H. Celal Güzel: The harsh reactions of our Prime Minister are because of sadness

What He Said?What Happened?

In his interviews Mr. Adnan Oktar said that Mr. Erdoğan is protecting himself desperately; normally he has good faith and he is acting like this to take precautions.

Mr. Hasan Celal Güzel also wrote similarly to Mr. Oktar’s comment, that the character of our Prime Minister is not like this, but these are the reactions of sadness because of what he has been through lately. 

A9 TV: January 30th, 2014

(Bülent Arınç said: ‘Our Prime Minister says, ”Although we have served enough, we have paid off the debts to the IMF, we have completed several projects, we have decreased the number of unemployment, but the picture we are in, is like this.” and he is very sad about it.)

ADNAN OKTAR: Of course, he was annoyed because that was something that he didn’t expect, he is an Anatolian man, he is honest. And he believes everybody, he is treating everybody like his brother, so he is thinking that he is stabbed in his back. His conscience is in pain and disturbed.

But this is his test, so he can be at ease, he should trust in Allah. We are in the time of Hazrat Mahdi, we are in the time of Jesus Messiah (pbuh). It doesn’t stand still all the time, sometimes it goes down, sometimes it goes up; he is doing good works, there is nothing for him to worry about.

A9 TV: May 6th, 2014-06-29

ADNAN OKTAR: They made Mr. Tayyip nervous, that’s why. Otherwise he wasn’t like this. When he first came to power, he had a liberal and relaxed personality. His attitude towards artists was very warm. Look, they are talking about hanging, acting despotically. What can a man do in that situation?

A9 TV: March 6th, 2014

ADNAN OKTAR: Now, the government is protecting itself desperately. There is an environment of panic . They don’t know what is going to happen. ‘Wait for November 15th, wait for November 25th, something’s going to happen. Wait for April 15th, wait for March 15th.’ These are very distressing. Now, Tayyip Master is punching in the dark. He doesn’t know who he is surrounded with. For example, ‘There is eavesdropping. Take precautions.’ But they are already wiretapped at that moment. ‘We took precautions about the telephone, now it is safe.’ But they are already wiretapped at that moment; they are in a very hard position. We must be understanding. I think this is temporary. I don’t think Mr. Tayyip is thinking about a system like this forever but because there is a general agitation, a general alarm situation, he is taking precautions. Just like blowing your hand in the darkness to catch the mosquito.

A9 TV: April 18th, 2014

ADNAN OKTAR: They say to Master Tayyip: ‘Don’t be harsh’ but, this is because of the current situation. For example, he went there and showed love to the children and he hugged them. He is not that kind of man. But if you create an appalling environment, anybody would do the same, he is human after all. He can panic, he can be uneasy. You say, ‘I will turn you on your head’. And not only that, but you say, ‘I will sentence you to lifetime imprisonment. And even some of them say, ‘I will hang you’. This is so weird. 


Sabah: May 12th, 2014

Sabah columnist Hasan Celal Güzel said that Mr. Erdoğan’s reaction is not because of his fractious and harsh character, which is imputed unduly, but a reaction of sadness against ungratefulness and betrayal. 

2014-07-03 22:24:52
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