The Hijaz railroad is coming back to life

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21 November 2008

Adnan Oktar: Whereas love, peace, mental calm, openness and joy lie at the heart of Islam. An air of celebration. Friendship.
To establish these things among Islamic countries and Turkish states. To establish a Turkish-Islamic Union under the leadership of Turkey and the Turkish states. We want good will and sincerity to rule here, for there to be free, reciprocal investment in industry, science and technology, and for passport and visa requirements to be lifted to that end. We want that requirement to be lifted so there can be free trade, free investment and a free exchange of love and friendship. We want people to be able to cross the border by just showing their ID. But there is in fact no need even to show ID to anyone. I must be free to go to Azerbaijan with just my ID card. I must be free to go to Syria or Kazakhstan, or to Morocco, Tunisia or Algeria. I must board ship here and go to Tunisia or Algeria. And I will speak with my brothers there. We will dine together and remember Allah. And I will come back the following day. And if I need to do business, I will do business. Such a system will form, a union of love in other words. But there is no need for the system that is already working and the states within it to be impaired. Municipalities and governments already function perfectly and permit no exuberance. In this climate of love, terror, disorder, conflict and poverty will all be eliminated. In other words, it will be based on love and sincerity, rather than on imposition.

Türkiye, November 2- 2009

The Hijaz Railroad Is Coming Back to Life

Türkiye, November 2-2009

The Hijaz Railroad constructed 100 years ago by Sultan Abdülhamit II will again carry passengers in 2012. Uninterrupted travel will be possible between Mecca and Medina and Europe.

As a result of determined initiatives from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria are to complete the Hijaz Railroad links in their own countries. Syria and Jordan will commence work in 2010. Saudi Arabia is to complete its own work by 2012. When the project, that will reduce the time between Istanbul and Mecca to 1 day, is made a reality it will carry 10 million passengers a year. In addition, the project will make uninterrupted transport between Mecca and Medina and Europe possible.

2009-11-15 15:13:02
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