AK Party Youth Should Support the Prime Minister

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In his conversation programs, Adnan Oktar remarks that in certain matters related to the country,  Prime Minister Erdoğan is left standing alone and this needs to be corrected right away by having the people around him - and particularly the young members of the party - support the Prime Minister more comprehensively.


This call of Adnan Oktar has reverberated and some young deputies from the  AK Party made a series of statements in support of Mr. Erdoğan. One of these is Zelkif Kazdal, a deputy from Ankara, who responded to  critics of the younger party members by saying, “the political mindset not recognizing the youth for the future of the party is being left behind” in social media.


 Adnan Oktar’s Twitter account dated June 19th, 2014

 “AK Party youth should espouse Tayyip Master with affection and sincerity, they can never find a brave one like him.”

“Everyone should embrace Tayyip Master, our courageous one. They can never find a brave one like him, so they should appreciate him well.”

A9 TV: April 29th, 2014

ADNAN OKTAR: Tayyip hodja was left alone, there is no point in expecting all things from him. He has his colleagues around him, for instance; I truly appreciate Efkan Ala in that regard. He is a brave one and supports Tayyip hodja genuinely. That is nice on his part. Some of his advisors give support to him, and that is good, insha’Allah. Today, I saw that the AK Party youth also moved to support  him. And Tayyip hodja is pleased when he is fortified. They should use a more comprehensive approach of reassurance. What can a person accomplish if he is alone? It seems the entire world is against him. Everyone is at odds with him. He cannot succeed alone, can he? He needs support and encouragement, also assistance. And he may only perform a part of these efforts. We will bring about the rest, insha’Allah.

A9 TV: April 27th, 2014

ADNAN OKTAR: If Tayyip hodja has a strong staff, the world would marvel in astonishment. Tayyip hodja! Establish a young staff for yourself. And I have heard the news that he will institute a team of young people. Tayyip hodja follows good advice. He is a talented and brave one, but some people around him are not competent. For instance, it was really hard to believe what happened in the Gezi incident, our Prime Minister was left alone. I could not believe my eyes.

A9 TV: April 25th, 2014

ADNAN OKTAR: Tayyip hodja is a good person. I recognize a person from his face. I've known him for a very long time. It is true I have never met him face to face, yet I see this by observing him. I see him on television, and know him by sight. Let me tell you, if he were to be supported well, he could pay great service. Yet, number of skillful people around him should be enhanced. He is obliged to act with certain people. That is difficult. For instance, there could be an obligation for him to carry out services together with people whom he would maybe not take seriously at all. He would surely think, “What else can I do; where can I find proper people?” The AK Party youth and the devout young people, they should educate themselves. They should come up when there is need.

A9 TV: December 27th, 2013  

ADNAN OKTAR: Tayyip hodja, he is really very nice and likable, his frame of mind for Turkey is pleasant. If there are ones that commit illegal acts, those should be dismissed right away and put on trial because his vision is good. Turkey really came out to be a rich country. For years, we did not encounter increment in prices, inflation or waiting lines. And the IMF debt has already been paid, amazing facilities are being inaugurated as well as universities. There is great prosperity. And it is very explicit that there is an intervention from outside. Clearly. I would not say this in vain; this is not acceptable. We will not allow the Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey to be crushed. And they do this out loud, blatantly. We will not allow that to happen.

It is important to stand behind Tayyip hodja. Some are only watching. If we ever accept such a thing, then they would start meddling with Turkey. Then before any election, they would lead him to resign and intervene in Turkey’s affairs. This is not permissible. The nation needs to back him up. And, I see this is the case, insha’Allah.  


June 19th, 2014: Internet Haber

AK Party member of the Central Decision and Executive Council and Deputy from Ankara, Zelkif Kazdal made the following statement in social media: “It is the nation that founded the AKP, and it belongs to the nation and will remain this way. The political mindset that sees itself as privileged and does not recognize the youth as the future of the party is being left behind.”

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