Ahmet Hakan: It is very natural to construct new Police Stations in order to Protect the Soldiers

What He Said?What Happened?

About the protests against the construction of new police stations in the Southeastern Anatolia, Mr. Adnan Oktar said, “The Turkish soldiers protect themselves in those police stations and there is nothing to discuss about it. Otherwise the soldiers become exposed to terrorist acts.”

In a TV program, Ahmet Hakan made a similar comment and said, “In the mountains, soldiers are met by armed terror organization members and thus the government constructs new police stations to protect themselves. This is vey natural.”

May 31st, 2014: A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: Those new police stations are great blessings. It is a beauty. They should present love, friendship to the local people, children should play in them but in the past the alleged Ergenekon terror organization police stations were the centers of slaughter. May God forbid, they were taking people to the stations to murder them. But this is not the case now. As its name suggests, the new police stations are strong buildings for the protection of soldiers. Where should soldiers remain? They are wounded when they are out in  the open , they are protected when they are in these police stations. What is the point of objecting to it?

May 28th, 2014: A9 TV

(The Diyarbakir-Bingol highway is being kept closed by the PKK for five days. They are protesting the construction of new police stations. The terrorist group, who closed the highway, abducted a specialist sergeant and took the  keys of the vehicles they intercepted, and left the region.)

ADNAN OKTAR: I made a lengthy description of how the new police stations must be constructed. I said that they need to have steel cases proofed against shells and equipped with infrared cameras. I also said that there must be cameras in the regions. I said, “They should install them into stones, trees.” They are becoming more and more shameless. Their impertinence has reached the utmost level. This time they started committing murders. Their attribute is murder.



June 5th, 2014: CNN Turk

The subject discussed in the TV program, “Objective Region” hosted by Ahmet Hakan on CNN Turk was the PKK. In response to the objections made to the new police stations, Ahmet Hakan said:

“There is an armed group there awaiting an environment of conflict. Then the state will also construct police stations to protect itself. This is very natural.”

2014-08-04 23:37:25

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