Mr Mustafa Kamalak: The atheists of this country are in essence Muslim

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Mr Adnan Oktar advises politicians to have an outlook that embraces every section of the nation in his TV programs. He is saying that atheists, leftists, Alawis, Sunnis, people of all beliefs are the citizens of this country and that they are pure Muslims. He also expresses that the Saadet Party should have an understanding of embracing all parts of the society.

 June 14th, 2013: A9 TV

Adnan Oktar: Our teacher Erbakan would embrace everyone, would choose to reconcile with them, he would love everyone. The palms of his hands were full of love and affection. 

The Saadet Party used to be very active. They would embrace and love everyone. Their hearts were full of love. Lately, another ideology, another understanding developed. They are saying “We won’t meet with this or that.”

Claim non-hijabi women, women with revealing clothes, the irreligious, the religious, everyone! Claim the followers of all kinds of congregations.

They have an inapproachable attitude. They are very inapproachable towards other Muslim congregations, towards non-hijabi ladies, ladies wearing revealing clothes. They don’t want to be in contact with anyone other than those who have similar views with themselves. However, there should be a soul which cherishes everyone.

 August 5th, 2013: A9 TV

Adnan Oktar: If bigotry ended in the world right now, there would be none of these calamities. For example, I feel compassion for all the parties. All of them have points they are right about, all beautiful ways. For example, the Saadet Party has a different beauty; I support them. The MHP is required to exist as cement for the nation against the divisionist propaganda, it is very important, I support them. For example, why would I push the CHP aside? Their laicism is very good. Their modern way of following Ataturk’s ideals is very good. We keep saying the CHP always needs compassion and support. Segregating them is not wise. We need compassion, protection and a wise approach. 

Gaziantep Olay TV/ ÇAy TV:  August 10th, 2010

Adnan Oktar: Freedom of speech. For example this is not being emphasized now. For example we say, “We need to be understanding.” But what does it mean? One can be a Marxist, irreligious, an atheist, we need to be respectful towards them. Pressuring nobody, pressuring no belief system and not having a disrespectful attitude because of their beliefs, treating everyone as fist class citizens is very important, right? One can be a Marxist, but we need to be respectful and loving. 

Albaghdadi TV:  April 30th, 2008

Adnan Oktar: I support communicating religion, Islam, in a secular system and I think everyone will be happy this way because there are irreligious people, Jews or Christians in a society. They have rights too. They are fist class citizens too and moreover, there are different sects. For example, there alre Alawis, Ja’faris; they are all our brothers. We feel a deep affection for all of them and we do not accept that they  be ill treated in any way. I see Alawis and Ja’faris the same in that sense of sectarian understanding; I mean I see all of them as my brothers. Only the People of the Book is as they are explained in the Qur'an but they are also brothers in the Qur'an and our friends. They have laws and rights as well. We need to live in harmony of friendship with them also.

Azerbaijan Novaye Vremya:  October 6th, 2008

Adnan Oktar: Alawi, Sunni, Ja’fari it doesn’t matter, they are all our brothers. We all pray to the same Qibla, we are all on the side of Allah. Those who don’t believe in Allah are also our brothers. It’s understandable, Allah created them like that. We don’t feel enmity towards them because Allah created humans in variety and such is their destiny. They are also first class citizens. We will live together altogether as brothers, inshaAllah. But we need to be very sincere, very zealous and altruistic in nature.


June 26th, 2014: Cumhuriyet Daily

Saadet Party Chairman Mustafa Kamalak made a statement embracing every part of society on a TV interview.

“We keep saying; even the atheists of this country are in essence Muslim. I mean our leftists are not like those of the West. The CHP is also a party of ours. Some people get offended when I say the CHP is also ours but in this country right wing, left wing, Alawi, Sunni or secular, anti -secular are all Muslims in essence. All of them are seeking a hand for rescue. ”

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