Sarp Kuray: We are defeated because we missed the religion

What He Said?What Happened?

Mr. Adnan Oktar says that the biggest mistake that the left wing does is that they don’t have a religious tone; but our people are religious so that’s why a leftist tone wouldn’t be successful. He also said that, the sense of social justice the left wing defends is best lived in Islam.

Thus, one of the well-known left-wingers, Sarp Kuray made an explanation confessing that the Turkish revolutionists were defeated because they missed religion.

A9 TV: July 1st, 2014

ADNAN OKTAR: If the left wing uses a religious tone, they would win. Our people are religious, yet they don’t understand this. What can you achieve in a religious nation without a religious tone? You can only fail. You must have a religious tone.

A9 TV: April 18th, 2014

ADNAN OKTAR: Talk about Allah, talk about religion. Why would the left wing have an edge about this? Claim your sanctity.  Claim Said Nursi, Bahattin Nakşıbendi, Abdulkadir Geylani, claim all of them. Claim Süleyman Hilmi Tunahan. Then our people will put place you on a pedestal.

A9 TV: February 25th, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: I am thinking of a revolutionist young person, a Marxist young person. What do you want? Social justice. The real social justice will be with Hazrat Mahdi, with the Islamic Union. You want peace and Hazrat Mahdi does this. You want equality everywhere, it is again with Hazrat Mahdi. Forgiveness, brotherhood, happiness, joy, all of them are with Hazrat Mahdi. And the world is enjoyable and beautiful with faith.

A9 TV: May 2nd, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: Islam is a religion, which protects non-Muslims. Islam is a religion which protects  atheists. Islam is a religion, which protects the mushrikun and the idolators. Because there is mercy, affection, protection at its base, Islam is essential. If Islam didn’t exist, our nation would be destroyed. There wouldn’t be a Turkish nation anymore. We would be shattered; we would be ruined.

A9 TV: February 17th, 2014

ADNAN OKTAR: The biggest barrier in front of the Islamic Union was Darwinism.  It was a pain in the neck for Abdulhamid too. It was a pain in the neck for Bediuzzaman too. It was a pain in the neck for Fethullah Master too. The Islamic Union couldn’t find a solution for this hard rock, this steel barrier. We have destroyed it with a bulldozer. And a highway came out. Now the door of the Islamic Union is wide open. We can communicate and talk about Islam very easily. The morale of resistance of the left wing is zero at the moment. The ideological morale of resistance is zero. In the past, they could discuss it very easily. They could scorn a religious person easily. Most of the Muslims had lost their strength.


Haber 7: July 4th, 2014

One of the founders of Dev-Genç, Sarp Kuray, gave an interview in prison and said that Turkish revolutionists were defeated because they missed the religion. He said, ‘We have made a mistake by expressing ourselves by Mao. And by Che;this is the problem of  Turkish revolutionism. The revolutionaries of this land have died in vain.’

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