Prime Minister Erdoğan: We Must Guarantee the Safety of Believers

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Mr. Adnan Oktar frequently reminds viewers of his talk shows of the importance of government statements regarding the protection of Jews. He also says that the way that some Muslims damage synagogues and churches, blaming them for the turmoil in the Middle East, is incompatible with the Qur’an.

In the wake of these statements by Mr. Oktar, Prime Minister Erdoğan has given several addresses protecting the Jews, about not damaging synagogues and churches and about the need for us to guarantee the safety of Jewish people.

24 July 2014, A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: The government’s statements about protecting the Jews are very important. Otherwise this could end in murder and create an opportunity for loveless and ruthless people. Some people may wish to harm our Jewish citizens, not out of compassion for the Palestinians, but because of the feelings of vengeance and hatred inside them. Security measures need to be stepped up many times over. It will be particularly useful for steps to be taken in areas with a large Jewish population. Because some people regard such things as an opportunity… They may commit terrible crimes when we are knee-deep in lovelessness. That is why I am asking our government to taking steps on this subject. Our Jewish citizens’ homes and workplaces must be protected. From what I can tell, the government is working hard to establish peace between them and the Palestinians as soon as possible. But there must be no delay, not even of hours. Results must be achieved at once.

23 July 2014, A9 TV

(ISIS has seized a monastery and expelled the monks. The monks were eventually found by Kurdish peshmergas after walking many kilometers.)

ADNAN OKTAR: Their action is a sin, a violation of the Qur’an. The Qur’an explicitly says that churches and synagogues are places of worship that must be protected. And the Qur’an commands no attacks on Christians. Indeed, Almighty Allah says we can eat food prepared by them. Muslims do business with them. Allah says we can marry their women.  He says we can marry Jewish and Christian women.

10 June 2014, A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: Allah says that mosques, synagogues and churches are all under the protection of Muslims. Muslims must protect them. Then you go and burn them! And you say you do it in the name of Allah! Only the system of the Mahdi can eliminate fanaticism. Otherwise the tragedies will keep coming.

23 October 2013, A9 TV

Adnan Oktar: There are many enemies of Israel and the Jews. They compete in terms of hatred and ruthlessness. Tayyip Hodja must not play up to them. He must emphasize protection and affection even more strongly. I hope he will express his affection, love and compassion for our Jewish brothers in faith even more powerfully than he already has done. That is what will best become him.

Kral Karadeniz TV, 30 January 2009

Adnan Oktar: The Turkish-Islamic world needs to emphasize its good intentions, love and affection; in particular, WE MUST ENSURE THAT OUR CHRISTIAN AND JEWISH BROTHERS FEEL OUR STRONG LOVE AND DETERMINATION TO PROTECT THEM. We need to make them feel there will be no discrimination against them, and that they are our very dear brothers. 


26 July 2014, Hürriyet

Speaking at a ceremony, Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan addressed our Jewish fellow-citizens as follows:

“We will never incite attacks on our Jewish citizens, churches or synagogues. That is unacceptable in our faith. If you look at the structure of the city of Medina, the behavior of our Prophet (saas) there is a role model for us. We must always ensure the safety of believers and those under our protection.”  

2014-08-14 17:57:13

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