Engin Altay Prayed for Oppressed Muslims in Parliament

What He Said?What Happened?

For years now, Adnan Oktar has been advising the CHP to adopt a more religious policy that embraces Islam and Muslims and espouses a modern conception of the faith. He says that it needs to enter elections as a brand new party and return with a new image that addresses the spirit of the nation.

Following these calls by Mr. Oktar, the CHP has adopted a more religious policy, and numerous deputies, and particularly party leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, have made speeches using more religious language. Most recently, CHP group leader Engin Altay made a speech in which he prayed for all oppressed Muslims.

A9 TV, 13 April 2014

ADNAN OKTAR: There was a program to do with young members of the CHP that I very much liked. They were talking about “How can we improve the CHP?’ They were very modern young people. There were no dark or extreme types among them. That is very important. It is very important that communists, anarchists and terrorists should not infiltrate the CHP. There used to be all these horrible-looking types. That is no good. The CHP must be a modern and enlightened party. What does Kemalist mean? It means believing in Allah and loving the country, being devout but not fanatical. Being devout against fanaticism. That is what we expect from the youth of the CHP, insha’Allah.

A9 TV, 18 April 2014

ADNAN OKTAR: Kılıçdaroğlu is a very well-mannered person. They should review the CHP and overhaul it. The CHP must be modern and devout, rational, live by love, avoid polarization and be capable of criticizing its own past and saying, ‘This and that were wrong.’ It must say, “The old CHP was one thing but the new CHP is another entirely. We are different. We embrace everyone.’ They keep producing the same old lefties. Come up with modern young men and women from the CHP. Let them give pleasant messages. Speak about Allah and religion. Why should the Left keep its distance from that subject? Stand up for spiritual matters. Stand up for Said Nursi, Bahattin Nakshibendi, Abdulkadir Geylani and all the rest. Stand up for Süleyman Hilmi Tunahan. Then the public will make you the jewel in their crown.

If the CHP were slight more distant from religion it would be wiped out. The reason it got so many vots is that it is now more religious.

The best thing for the CHP is to exhibit a state of spirit that addresses the spirit of the Anatolian people, the nation, and to swiftly adopt that spirit and emerge as a mass party.

If they were to say; “We are a new CHP. We have new views. We embrace the people, and spiritual manners and the religious conservatism of the people.’ If they were to espouse Islamic Unity and Turkish-Islamic Union, and that is not something unique to the AKP, the result would be a brand new CHP. If the CHP had such qualities, which the AKP possesses, that would rebound to the benefit of the CHP. The other way is no good.

A9 TV, 29 April 2014

ADNAN OKTAR: A change of name would be very good. Second, a more religious spirit would be very good. They would win a lot of votes if they exhibited a modern, joyous conception of Islam, one that is full of life.

The CHP should adopt all those good features of the AKP, just as they are. Why do people vote for the AKP? That is what they should be looking at and adopting. All young people and everyone would support them then. A brand new CHP would be really perfect. Day and night they should be saying that, ‘Ataturk supported Islamic Unity, and we support it, too.’ ‘Ataturk supported Turkish-Islamic Union, as we support it, too.’ ‘Ataturk handed out copies of the Qur’an, and we are doing that, too.’ ‘Ataturk was an admirer of the prophet Muhammed (saas), and so are we.’ ‘Ataturk said people should fully obey the Qur’an, and we are doing that.’ That would be that. That would be a perfect service. Our nation are looking for compassion, love, affection, friendship, brotherhood, religious devotion and fear and love of Allah.

For example, the CHP could soar ahead if it embraced Bediüzzaman.

A9 TV, 11 August 2012

ADNAN OKTAR: I HAVE WARNED THE CHP ON THAT SUBJECT. THEY ARE ADOPTING A MORE RELIGIOUS AND AFFECTIONATE POLICY. I am certain of Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu’s good intentions. He has good moral values. He is polite and honest. He is trustworthy. One can feel that he has a love and respect for the faith.

A9 TV, 5 May 2012

ADNAN OKTAR: OUR NATION IS DEVOUT, AND IT WANTS THE CHP TO BE DEVOUT, it wants to see a perspective like that of Ataturk. They want the CHP to be exactly like, and that is all. If they would do that, 70% of the nation would bring them to power. There is no other way.


25 July 2014, Haber 7

Speaking in the Parliamentary General Assembly, CHP group leader Engin Altay prayed as follows:

“May Almighty Allah accept all fasts, worship and prayers. May he treat those who do not or cannot fast on the basis of the intentions in their pure hearts. A pray to Allah to help all the oppressed wherever they may be in the world, in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, China, and most particularly Gaza.”

2014-08-14 18:10:54

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