The Safety of Israeli Guests Remaining at the Airport Must Be Ensured

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Flights into Israel were stopped after 22 July due to rockets being fired in the proximity of Tel Aviv Airport. In his talk show, Mr. Adnan Oktar said that ‘It is essential to ensure the safety of Israeli guests remaining at the airport and to install them in hotels with police support.’

Immediately afterward, a statement from Turkish Airlines noted that alternative flights had been arranged for Israelis and that passengers remaining in Istanbul were being put up at various hotels.

24 July 2014, A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: We have Jewish guests at the airport. They have been stuck at airports for days. If the government helps and supports them, that would be a very good thing. Those brothers of ours will be spared any fear and unease.

23 July 2014, A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: My request from our government is; ‘Turkish Airlines and many other airlines have cancelled flights to Israel because a rocket was fired in the proximity of Tel Aviv Airport yesterday. Patients transferring through Istanbul have been stuck in Istanbul and are also fearful. These people should be put up in hotels near the airport. Our Jewish friends have apparently been warned not to speak Hebrew and not to leave their rooms. Some have remained in the airport because they are afraid. They are sleeping on the floor.” They must believe that Turkey will protect them. Nobody can do such an irrational thing.

If our friends can be placed in hotels nearby with police help, we will be delighted with the government. In other words, if they can put police guards in the hotels where they are staying, that will be good in terms of putting them at ease. A little affection will also work wonders. I request that for Allah’s sake.


25 July 2014, Yeni Şafak

In a statement, Turkish Airlines said that alternative flights had been arranged for the majority of passengers from flights to Tel Aviv that had been cancelled since July 22:

"330 of our passengers stranded at the airport have been put up in hotels and all their needs have been met.”

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