We will build the Middle East together

What He Said?What Happened?

Denge TV, December 9-2008

Adnan Oktar:
For one thing, the spirit of opposition stemming from sectarian differences must be done away with. Shiites, Alawites, Bektashis, Wahabbists and all of them are all our brothers. They are all believers and immaculate people. They all love Allah and the prophets with a profound love. They are our brothers, a blessing for us. They are all a blessing. This idea, this idea of dissidency needs to be eliminated. In addition, when Islamic moral values spread to the whole Turkish-Islamic region that will give rise to activity, clarity of mind, discipline, submission to Allah, cleanliness, quality and profound reason.  All that region will see the plenty and beauty resulting from that. Indeed, even the Christian world and the Jews will make use of it. That is why we need to make haste.

Çırağan Iftar Meeting, October 16-2008

Adnan Oktar: When Turkey acts a solder brother there will be nobody in the whole regions who refuses to accept Turkey as older brother. Shiites, Jaferites, Saudis and the Iranians will all accept it. For example, when President Ahmadinejad came here he prayed behind a Sunni imam in a Sunni mosque. What does that mean? It means I will accept it if you are the leader. That is clear, He said, “I have given a political message here.” “I have issued a very important message,” he said. What more could he say? Hezbollah will accept it and everyone. Nobody in the whole region will refuse Turkish leadership. Because Turkey is a most moderate, agreeable and reasonable country. Its people are respectable and worthy, highly cultured and well brought up. And the country acted as leader for many years, as you know. It has experience from Ottoman times. Turkey will emerge as the older brother of all Turkic and all Islamic countries.  Everyone will see that. I am stating it openly; and I will again put my name to those words in 10 years’ time, insha’Allah.

Zaman, October 29-2009

At a joint press conference held by he and Barzani, Davutoğlu said, "We Arabs, Turks, Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis will build the Middle East together.” 

Davutoğlu said they had discussed various matters in detail at their meetings and went on, “We saw that we have a common vision and the same approach. That vision is one based on the Middle East perspective.”
Ahmet Davutoğlu stated that in the framework of that vision ethnic and religious groups could live together with a common political conception, political dialogue and economic integration. “We Arabs, Turks, Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis will rebuild the Middle East. The time has therefore come for everyone to take courageous steps,” he concluded.

2009-11-19 13:33:53

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