Jordan next in line for visas

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Adnan Oktar: Of course, all countries will maintain their integral unity in the Islamic Union. Pakistan will still be Pakistan and Turkey will still be Turkey. Iran will remain as Iran. There is no idea of any regime change, in other words. What there is, however, is the spread of joy, love and brotherhood as a national policy. This union will come about with the unification of hearts and love. That is real Islamic union. People think in two ways. Some may think of a union through state force, pressure and intimidation. But the essence of Islam is love, peace, peace of mind and joy. There is a holiday atmosphere. Friendship. It means establishing these things among Muslim countries and the Turkic states. To establish a Turkish-Islamic Union under the leadership of the Turkic states, of Turkey. It means the rule of good will and honesty, free mutual investment in art, science and technology, and we therefore want the passport and visa regime to be lifted. We want that requirement to be lifted so there can be easy trade and investment, an easy exchange of love and friendship. Anyone showing an ID card must be free to cross the border. There should even be no need to show it to anyone. I must be free to have my ID card with me and cross into Azerbaijan. Or Syria. Or Kazakhstan. Or Morocco, Tunisia or Algeria. I will board a ship and sail to Tunisia and Algeria. And I will talk with my brothers there. We will dine together in the evening and remember Allah. And the next day I will come back. And if I need to do business, I will do business. That is the system, a union of love.

Zaman, November 7-2009


2010-01-03 14:41:27

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