Turkey and Syria achieved the impossible

What He Said?What Happened?

Trabzon TV, September 4-2008

Correspondent: Dear Sir, how do you interpret the recent developments that brought Turkey and Syria closer?

Adnan Oktar: That is superb, very crucial.  Coalescence of Syria and Turkey is imminent. Syria strongly aspires Turkey to act as an older brother; Syria and Turkey are separate states but they want a single union. That is really good, within brotherhood of Turkish Islamic Union, we, of course, do not have any separation or differences. Turkey and Syria will be united insha’Allah, these are the positive signs of it. We will be able to go Syria without visas and passports, and the Syrians will be able to come to our country and stay as they like. We will become brothers insha’Allah, these are the first signs of a beautiful unity. 

Radikal, December 28-2009


From the editorial of ”The National’’ published in Abu Dhabi:

"Many things have changed in ten years. Turkey and Syria were on the brink of a war ten years ago. This year the troops of the two countries gathered on the border once more, but this time their aim was a joint military exercise.


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