The aim is a self-sufficient Islamic ummah

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Bağdat TV, March 2-2008

Adnan Oktar: That project lies within the Qur’an. The Qur’an commands us, the whole Islamic world, to unite. Allah refers to it as “buildings seeming to be made of molten lead” in a verse; I seek refuge from satan in Allah. The first condition for Muslims to be released from poverty is that they unite. The second requires their sincere adoption of Qur’anic moral values. That means spreading affection, compassion, love and mutual aid. In any case a Muslim can have no greed or worldly desires. Once we have union and unity, Muslims will look upon each other as brothers, as one family. Wealth and plenty will arise of their own accord once these conditions have been met. There is no need for any additional effort. Islamic countries are in any case rich in terms of oil and minerals. All they need is to draw close to and love one another, to join forces and engage in rational activities. Then things will be as they were in the time of the Prophet Solomon(pbuh), insha’Allah. Even if not exactly like those days, it will still be a time of incredible wealth and prosperity.

Azerbaycan TV,  June 11-2008

Adnan Oktar: But they will reach an extremely peaceful, safe and comfortable life within the Turkish Islamic Union. Raw material sources will be abundant. Trading potentials will boost to the highest level. An implicit system of justice and peace will exist., November 9-2009


In the ISEDAK economic summit held by The Standing Committee For Economic And Commercial Cooperation of The Organization of the Islamic Conference, with the participation of 57 countries in Istanbul, The President of Bangladesh Zilur Rahman said “our common aim is to create a powerful, prosperous and a self-sufficient Islamic Ummah.” And he pointed out the importance of “striving together for improvement of economic cooperation”.

Rahman, reminding that lots of disasters that were faced in the past were solved with wise decisions within unity, had stated that he is sure that countries will work together for better tomorrows.

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