Shared industrial zone is being established on the border with Iran

What He Said?What Happened?

Kuşadası TV, July 14-2008

Adnan Oktar:
“It is unreasonable that we are apart from Turkish countries. Our religion is same, our language is same, our race is same. Our culture, our traditions, our customs... So there is no reason to be separate. Therefore the passports between these countries, between Turkish countries and Islam countries must be abolished and also the visa must be abolished too. Let people go back and forth as they want. LET TRADE BE EASY, LET CONNECTIONS BE EASY. It is done in European Union. Why can’t it be done in Turkish Islamic Union? In European Union anyone may go to any country they want and moves to another country as  that they want. They don’t need passport. They don’t need visa too. So why can’t we make it happen as brothers? There’s no reason for that. Of course it can be done. The Turkish Islamic Union countries are the ones which have the most beaufitul landscape, most beautiful geography. And the richest mineral resources in the world are in this geography. The most richest oil springs in the world are in this geography. There is flour, there is oil, there is sugar. Only they have to be brought together. This is what all Turkish people want. We are talking to Azerbaijani people. For instance, Azerbaijan is looking forward to unite Turkey. If Turkey accepts today, they will accept about in twenty four or forthy eight hours time. If Turkey offers Syria to unite with us today, they will accept immediately. Therefore if Turkish people want it passionately –and especially if non-governmental organizations brings it to the agenda and it is submitted to the government as a proposal, the issue will be done.

Buyukhaber, December 12-2008

Adnan Oktar: The solution for the economic crisis is again the Turkish Islamic Union. If Turkish Islamic Union happens, economic crisis would be over in hours. The psychological joy that it would bring will make the market exhilarated so to speak. Terrific wealth and abudance will come about. Only the borders will be removed. That’s all. Visa will be removed.. Border customs will be removed, that’s all.

Referans, January 20-2010

2010-04-25 12:20:16

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