Armenians willing to withdraw

What He Said?What Happened?

Erzincan TV, July 14-2008

Adnan Oktar: “Armenians are our brothers. They are our dear friend insha’Allah. Armenia is also insha’Allah going to take their place in the Turkish-Islamic Union. They worry for nothing. We see them as brothers, as friends. Insha’Allah they will also find their place in the arms of the Turkish-Islamic Union. They will live in peace. Their security will be ensured. INSHA’ALLAH OUR ARMENIAN BROTHERS WILL OPEN UP THE LACHIN CORRIDOR WILLINGLY AND LOVINGLY. This beautiful gesture of Armenia will lead us to love Armenians even more insha’Allah. THEY WILL WITHDRAW FROM NAGORNY KARABAKH, but in return they will come to Turkey and Azerbaijan to do business and they will settle to their liking. If they want to, they will freely perform their prayers there. But this is a bleeding wound. The closing of the Lachin Corridor, the occupation of Nagorny Karabakh; these are unnecessary things… Turkey doesn’t have a grudge against Armenians. In the Ottoman period, our Armenian brothers had been assigned to the most beautiful, the most delicate posts. The most famous artists and well-known doctors were among Armenians. They are People of the Book. They are very honest brothers of ours. It is undue for them to fell such a discomfort. Things that happened in the past may have had a bad impact on them, but there was a war at the time, so Armenians killed Muslims as well.  However, we forgive them… We should let this pass. SO WE FORGAVE THEM, THEY SHOULD LEAVE IT AS WELL. LET THERE BE A MUTUAL AGREEMENT. THERE IS FORGIVENESS IN ISLAM AND IN CHRISTIANITY AS WELL. WE SHOULD LOVE ONE ANOTHER.”

Sabah, September 11- 2008

Armenians willing to withdraw

President Gül;

“It was right to go to Erivan, during our conversation we mostly talked about Caucasians, problem with Azerbaijanis and Nagorny Karabakh.”… “A new period is beginning.”

"Armenians are willing to withdraw from the Azerbaijani soil that they have invaded. I had that impression during my meeting with Sarkisyan.”

2010-05-20 22:30:33

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