Turkey is the natural leader of the Arab world

What He Said?What Happened?
Ciragan Palace  Iftar  Meeting, October 16-2008

Adnan Oktar: If Turkey takes the role of the elder brother, it will face no opposition through the geography including the people of Shia, Jafaris, Saudis and Iranians. For example, when Mr. Ahmadinejad was here in Turkey, he performed his prayer in a Sunni mosque behind a Sunni imam. What does that mean? Clearly, this means that; ‘if you become the leader I will accept it’. Openly he said: “I gave a significant political message here.” What else was he supposed to say? Hezbollah will also accept Turkey’s taking the lead. Everybody will accept it. I do not see anybody who will oppose the leadership of Turkey through this geography as Turkey is a moderate, affectionate and sensible country. Turkish people are respected, decent, sophisticated and cultivated. Besides Turkey is a country who has exercised the authority for ages as you know. Its experience has come from the times of Ottoman Empire. Turkey will appear as the elder brother of all Turkic and Arab countries.  Everybody will see this.  Now, I am telling you that after a period of ten years I will definitely put my signature under these words of mine in person, Insha’Allah.

Mavi Karadeniz TV,  December 31-2008

Adnan Oktar: Yes, it is a must for Turkey to take the lead because Turkish people and Turkey is excellent in terms of experience, framework and moral stance.  Turkey holds the ideal qualities of a leader. So Turkey should be the leader.  All other Turkic countries, that we have talked to, hold the same opinion. We are in contact with all Islamic countries as well. They also share the same point of view. Nobody objects actually. Only, it needs to be implemented as soon as possible.

Hurriyet, November 21-2009

Why do you see Turkey as the natural leader of the region?

A Tunisian banker explained: First of all Turkey is a perfect example that shows us Islam and democracy can go hand in hand.  Secondly Turkey has a strong economy which is the world’s 16th or 17th. Thirdly Turkey owns such a political power that allows it to take this role in the world.

Ekrem Keskin, Secretary General of the Banks Association of Turkey, interrupted in a modest manner: Turkey does not have an aim of becoming the leader of the region. Merely, Turkey tries to develop more of its relations with other countries through the region.

But a Yemeni banker agreed with Tunisian Banker, by saying: I do not even see the point in discussing the leadership status of Turkey as it has already taken the lead through our region.
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