Turkey has become a ''roof ''also in Balkans

What He Said?What Happened?

Mersin TV,  September 5- 2008

Adnan Oktar: Turkey will, by Allah’s leave, be a great country. The Turkish-Islamic Union will be established. Turkey will EMBRACE THE ENTIRE MIDDLE EAST, ALL THE BALKANS, ASIA WITH THE SPIRIT OF BROTHERHOOD INSHA’ALLAH. And, if you notice; an agreeable system will arise. The Caucasian treaty will be established again, there is a railway project, you know. There are  Petrol pipe line and natural gas pipe line projects. The Islamic Union meetings are in progress. There are some movements that are done to make the Turkish Union stronger. They is good in all these insha’Allah; you know, Anatolia (the Asia Minor) has always been a cradle to civilizations. Anatolia is such a kind of a place. You also know the time of the Ottomans. THEY (THE OTTOMANS) RULED THE ENTIRE MIDDLE EAST, ALL THE BALKANS, THEY RULED THE THREE CONTINENTS FROM HERE (TURKEY). INSHA’ALLAH; IT WILL BE LIKE THAT AGAIN BUT; WITH LOVE, FRIENDSHIP AND IT WILL HAPPEN IN A SPIRIT OF BROTHERHOOD.

Habertürk, 26 Nisan 2010


An excerpt from the article of Yigit Bulut (April 26- 2010): 

“ Dear Friends; following the 11 long journeys the Minister of the Foreign Affairs
made, he achieved a very significant success and after the Ottomans he reunited “the two nations” under the same roof  for the first time in Balkans. For long I have been sharing the Turkish thesis of from Balkans to the Caspian coast. Another ring has been attached to this thesis and in the company of our Minister of Foreign Affairs, our President of the Republic revealed that Turkey is a “roof” in the Balkans!

2010-06-22 22:29:37

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