Turkish salutation in Kabul

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Kibris Post, September 23- 2009 

Adnan Oktar: There is an excitement here. There is a public spirit. There is a sense for protection. There is sense for justice. The justice of Ottoman was already known. And the trust in the Turkish army is firm everywhere in the World. When you say Turkish army, it is loved very much everywhere in the World. For example, the Turkish army went to Bosnia, they  welcomed the Turkish soldiers happily. For example, it goes to other countries. For instance it goes to Afghanistan, they welcome them affectionately. There is a marvellous love towards Turkish army everywhere. This originates from the love towards Turks. Because generally there is a clemency, justice, compassion sense in Turks. This is not something that you can encounter in other nations of the World... But this is not a race supriority, this is a beauty of virtue, beauty of love.

Hurriyet, April 5- 2010


The Afghani soldiers who are trained by the Turkish soldiers in Kabul salute as the Turkish soldiers.

2010-06-22 23:19:09

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