Memorial ceremony with Turkish flags in Palestine

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Baskent TV, February 13- 2009

Adnan Oktar: This is an inevitable destiny. Pakistanis and Egyptians, Armenians, Georgia and Lithuania, all of them are our dear brothers and our souls within the Turkish-Islamic Union. We will embrace them all with affection, guarantee their security of life and property and ensure them a peaceful environment in both material and spiritual terms. This is destiny… We are going to found the greatest super nation of the world. It will be the sole power of the world; the world will be made up of one pole and only the Turkish-Islamic Union will be left. This is a work that could also save America; it is a blessing, a beauty. This is a blessing that could save Europe as well. As a result of this economic crisis, the whole Europe will suffer on a great scale. So does America. You will see that in the coming days. In spite of all the measures taken, it will demolish everywhere just like the Noah’s flood. The Turkish-Islamic Union will spread light and prosperity to the whole world. You will see also that. Not much, in the coming days and years, these will be seen almost every day. For example, I mentioned the Turkish-Islamic Union. In all newspapers and in foreign press headlines like, “A new Ottoman? Turkish-Islamic Union coming” started to appear. This subject is on my agenda for two months and it has currently come to the agenda. NOW GO TO PALESTINE AND ASK WHICH COUNTRY SHOULD BE THE LEADER. THERE IS ONLY ONE ANSWER: TURKEY.

Haberturk, April 22 - 2010

Memorial ceremony with Turkish flags in Palestine

Palestinians carried Turkish flags during the “Al Naqba” (Great Catastrophe) day they commemorate every year on the Israel’s foundation day.

2010-06-22 23:24:32

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