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The Gulf Today - November 2- 2008

Adnan Oktar: Under the leadership of Turkey; The Turkish-Islamic Union will arise with the unity of  the Turkish states and this unity will be constituted by the help of Turkish Union, InshaAllah.This will be achieved under the leadership of Turkey and we are approaching it step by step.Indeed what is most ideal is the leadership of Turkey. Every country will be a separate state but there will be a spiritual union, like European Union InshaAllah. Passports, visas will be lifted; countries will easily engage in trade, have dealings with one another, they will become brothers. In order to constitute this; Azerbaijan will be the first stage. Again among the Islamic countries, Syria will be another. Azerbaijan is not only a Turkish but  also an Islamic country. Syria is our Muslim brother, too. We will be united with Syria as well, InshaAllah. These will be the initial steps and it will progress as a process which will come consecutively. The development of the Turkish – Islamic Union will come true and it will end in ten or fifteen years InshaAllah. This has been a mission that is upon Turkey for long times. I mean; we have seen this throughout all the periods of the governments. Turkey always undertakes the leadership of the Turkish-Islamic Union. It has made it felt everywhere. Also Turkey always shows the mission of being an elder brother implicitly or explicitly. In case of a disagreement Turkey steps in. For example;  in the form of Caucasia alliance Turkey steped in. When there is a disagreement between other countries, Turkey remains in the position of a negotiator. Turkey’s leadership is seen explicitly both  in Natural gas pipeline project, and in Petrol pipeline project, and in the other projects. Turkey has already been doing it without giving an official explanation and it is going on and progressing.

Sabah - May 09- 2010

Syria President Beshar Esad who met the President Mr. Abdullah Gül in Çırağan Palace yesterday said: “ I depend on the conciliation of Turkey.” President Abdullah Gül also said: “ We attach importance to solve the porblems between Syria-Israel, Lebanon-Israel and Palestine-Israel with dialogue.”

2010-07-08 00:48:45

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