The solution in Krygyzstan is the Turkish-Islamic Union

What He Said?What Happened?

Ekin TV - March 9- 2009

Adnan Oktar: We said that the solution of everything is the Turkish-Islamic Union. I mean; this affair and the Chechen affair would not be solved otherwise. They will join the Turkish-Islamic Union. The affair will be solved on the day, on the hour, the minute, all the problem will dissapear. Also the inequity will end. This agreeable unity that has the Ottoman esence would end the issue. There is conflicts, disorder everywhere; there is also unrest in Turkey, the PKK problem. The Turkish-Islamic Union is a system that will do away with the entire problem. You see; The East Turkestan and Kazakhistan problem will also end. The affair of Syria, the affair of Iraq all of them will end.

Aksu TV - April 10- 2010

Adnan Oktar: Briefly; to be sincere, cordial, to advocate the freedom or to avoid bigotry, to abide by the morality of the Qur’an, to be affectionate as our Prophet Muhammad (saas), to be forgiving, compassionate; namely to have a good moral character is a great blessing. Our people must be very happy, the Turkish-Islamic Union is to be constituted. For instance; see Krygyzstan is in disorder, Kazakhistan is restless, Azerbaijan longs for uniting with Turkey, nevertheless they are also uneasy. An agreeable unity that would terminate them is a must for us to endeavor , Insha’Allah. When there is the Turkish-Islamic Union, the Turkish world will be relieved InshaAllah, they are all Muslim thereby we will have also embraced the Islamic world completely, InshaAllah. Alas, see the people in Iran are suffering, the people in Afghanistan are suffering, the people in Pakistan are also suffering. What a pity, they are wretchedly poor, namely they are hungry, very miserable, they don’t have anything to wear, they have children, maidens, mothers there, what a pity. I mean we need to pity them, sympathise them as Muslims. We have an opportunity like that. Turkey is both a modern and a rational country; Turkey is on a line that is adherent to Ataturk’s policy, nationalist, namely Turkey is on a consistent line, thereby Turkey is a country which practises Islam in a best way. It is on the most ideal structure. Therefore; the whole Islamic world wants the leadership of Turkey. I mean; if there is a demand like that, Turkey cannot be abstained from it, can it? Turkey needs to accept this for the sake of Allah, that’s why Turkey will be the leader of the Turkish-Islamic Union, InshaAllah. A beautiful future is waiting for Muslims, but [it will come true]with our effort. - June 16- 2010

The declaration of Dear Yalçın Topçu:

“ Since the foundation of the BBP (The Great Union Party) we members and companions have one ideal; an Islamic and a Turkish world that is merged and united from Adriatic to the Great Wall of China, united in terms of language and notion. It is necessary to spread this ideal and goal to every single individual to frustrate the emperial aspirations that longs for the dispute among brothers”.

2010-07-08 01:33:56

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