Turkey becomes a role model for Arab world

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Uşak ART TV - August 19- 2008

Adnan Oktar: [The Turkish Nation is] faithful, has awe of Allah, acts rationally and is reasonable; Allah bestows the being the standard beared of Islam to such a nation. This is the kind of nation Allah gives the mission of spreading Islam insha’Allah... Ask anyone in the Islamic world about an exemplary nation living Islam. Ask them who is the one that lives by Islam most beautifully. They will all say “Turkey.” Those living by the Islam in the most reasonable, the most just, the most rational form are the Turks. The cleanest of all. That’s why there is an alliance for Turkey’s leadership. This is what the Turkish world and Islamic world agrees upon.

Hürriyet - June 14- 2010

Arabs Want to Be Like Turkey


Haber7.com - June 14, 2010

Turkey Becomes A Role Model In Arab World

2010-07-28 00:15:06

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