Nobody could play the role which Turkey did

What He Said?What Happened?

Kıbrıs Ada TV– August 01, 2008

Adnan Oktar: Elder brotherhood of Turkey have become very vital in this region any longer. Because America can not deal with it.  There is an emptiness. Only Turkey is in a condition to fullfill this emptiness.It is already humanitarian, moral and a faithful duty. Turkey also aspire to this duty anyway. Turkey will do this so as a heritage from the Ottoman Empire. Everybody will see this insha’Allah.

The Gulf Today–November 02, 2008

Adnan Oktar: A Turkish Islamic Union will be formed inshaAllah by the help of the Turkish Union which will be formed by the union of the Turkish states under the leadership of Turkey. THIS WILL COME TRUE UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF TURKEY, we are already going right down to it step by step… Moreover, the most ideal is the leadership of Turkey. This has already been Turkey’s mission.  Turkey, always undertook the leadership of the Turkish Islamic world effectively. EVERYWHERE IT MAKES PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THIS. EVERYWHERE IT SHOWS ITS BROTHERHOOD MISSION  DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY. ON ANY DISPUTE, TURKEY BECOMES THE PART OF THE ACTIVITY. For example, in the formation of the Caucasus Alliance, Turkey becomes the part of the activity. When there is a dispute between the other countries, Turkey undertakes a mediator position. Leadership of Turkey can be clearly seen in other projects such as the natural gas pipeline project, or the oil pipeline project. Now Turkey already makes this effectively without making a formal explanation, and this continues and improves.

Haber 7 – July 05, 2010

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