This picture is our monument

What He Said?What Happened?

Azernews, October 23-2008

Adnan Oktar:Therefore, Turkey will be the leader of both Christians and Muslims, inshaAllah. That means, Turkey is the leader and is going to be the leader. And it will bring them all peace. And it will offer them all peace, ease, and justice.Turkey has been already doing this. It has been doing this in Bosnia, in Iraq. Also in Afghanistan. It has been doing this everywhere. Whereever it goes, Turkish Army has always been welcomed with love. But this will improve even further; because our nation is such a compassionate nation, our nation is delighted by love and friendship. I mean, they give you the food off their plates and shirt off their backs. For instance, they don’t drink but they share their drinks with others. For example; if they have the best bed ever, they give it to their guests and they don’t even yearn for it. I mean, Turkish people enjoy this self-sacrifice. This is their essence. It is a nation that has absorbed Muslim morality very well… Turkey will come into view with love and it will handle this job with love inshaAllah. With affection. With faith. With reason. With science.

Türkiye, July 10- 2010

This Picture Is Our Monument

After The President of the Republic, Abdullah Gul brought the Presidents of Bosnia Herzegovina and Serbia together in Istanbul;  winds of peace started to blow while hostility betweeh the people of both countries were put aside.

2010-08-02 23:43:59

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