President: Eat grape instead of drinking alcohol

What He Said?What Happened?

Kral Karadeniz TV,  22nd of Jan 2009

Adnan Oktar: When vine and grape juice are compared, the ingredient that is beneficial to the heart also exists in the grape juice. I mean, if they want to benefit from it; there is much more of the ingredient in black grape juice than that of vine. Nevertheless, the toxic material consisted in vine is very high; that is to say there are hundreds of toxic materials. By-product materials. For instance, let’s assume that we eat a dish made by aubergine. When this goes off, it becomes sour and goes bad. Does a man eat that? He doesn’t. Why? Because it becomes harmful as proteins, sugar, starch, etc. turn into toxin and by-product materials because their chemical and molecular structures are destroyed. This also holds true for vine. The pure grape juice is very healthy on its own; there is sugar, other ingridients, some protein and very beneficial materials in it. But these materials are disintegrated by the bacteria, they turn into toxic ingredients. For this reason, a person who drinks it is poisoned in a serious manner. For instance, it turns into methyl and ethyl alcohol – both of these materials are referred as poison in medicial books. The visual disorder a drinking person suffers is something that originates from the toxication of the body. Mercurial poisonning also causes the very same symptons.

Hürriyet, July 10- 2010

Dried or Juiced, Both Hazardous –  Eat Fruits Instead of Alcohol

Consume Fruits Instead Of Alcohol

Milliyet, July 10- 2010

If You Want Alcohol, Eat Grapes


Radikal, July 10- 2010

Erdogan: Consume Fruits, Instead of Alcohol!

2010-08-03 00:13:17

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